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The sale of properties in the secondary market takes up to 17 months (10 in 2009) Positive is the fact that the number of objects that are sold for 500 units exceeds the number of objects moving in a base of sales (1500 and 1000 the rate of 1 areas in the Greater Lisbon). This is indicative of the fact that the oversupply in the market gradually absorbed. The main players in the market are real estate agency Remax, Era, Century21 and the union Comprarcasa. Prices When you look at prices in the prime segment, then by average European standards, a Portuguese real estate is very decent looks. Prices in neighboring Spain, approximately 40% higher. (Table at right).

At the same time if you start from the data published by the Portuguese Institute of Statistics based on the assessment of banking institutions * Average price square meter property in Portugal in the 1 st quarter of 2010 amounted to 1,189.00 euros. As can be seen in the diagram constructed on the stat. This price has passed its minimum in the 1 st quarter of 2009 and since that time show an increasing trend. Average price m Euro Apartments Property in the average home Regions If we take the weighted average price per square meter to 100%, and build a map (right), then we will see the most vivid colors in areas of Lisbon, Algarve and Madeira. Weighted average cost here is 25-30% higher than the national average.

North-eastern region bordering Spain – represent the lowest prices. Prices per square meter in the capital – Lisbon -2039.00 Euro, Porto 1,452.00 euros. As can be seen at Porto and Lisbon will compete with for the title of the capital – the cost of housing is considerably inferior. To be more specific example is in the Alentejo or too Montesh You can buy a decent house for 50 000, same time on the Cascais line or in the Algarve, you’ll pay twice as much just for a sea view. The vast majority of buyers of Portuguese property acquired with the use of bank credit. So on a per capita Lisbon accounts for about 9000 euro loan for real estate in absolute terms. If we talk about buyers foreigners, then they were before the crisis, the British and the Germans. British pensioners happy to choose the Algarve for life for several reasons – the low level of consumer prices, climate, tranquility, among others. Russian bought a resort property that was where to go to rest. But lately, the Russians have also become legible. Their interested in housing as an investment option with a guaranteed income: month rest, the remaining time to receive dividends. Trends debt crisis that shook the southern European countries of course could not affect the value of the property. And most likely in the 2 nd and 3 rd quarter, we will see some decline in property prices in Portugal. However, as experts say – such a reduction may be in a segment of the middle class. Housing premium is less subject to fluctuations – luxury villas on the sea is always a price. As an example – the Portuguese Riviera. Houses and apartments in Estoril and Cascais to the beginning of the crisis is not cheaper. Builders confident that they can sell them so.

Repair Of Apartments

Throughout his life, people tend to coziness and comfort. Thousands of years ago, this was achieved by placing skins on the floor and walls, and now – with the arrangement of apartments or private homes. To live in a pleasant environment, need to create one. And then in the mind of man in the street looms the terrible word "repair". Repair of varying degrees of complexity: cosmetic overhaul and renovation.

Cosmetic includes such work as cleaning ceiling, wall of paint and wallpaper, filling, removal of doors, windows, setting new, renovation or complete replacement of flooring, and if there is a balcony, his finishing. Duration depends on room size and number of necessary procedures. Overhaul begins with the destruction of walls and flooring. Next is the redevelopment of the plaster ceiling, new walls, complex electrical work, replacement of plumbing, windows, doors and balconies. Separately isolated renovation. This is due to the fact that it should be done only by professionals with years of experience who know the international standards in this area. Before starting work on a mandatory Order must be drawn up jointly with the customer design project, ie "Painted" look flat, indicating materials, their quantity, texture and color.

Apartments Finishing Work

Finishing work – this is the final step in the complicated process of renovation of apartments or other premises. Decorating apartments and finishing of premises for other purposes will naturally be different. For example in stock otelochnye work will be consist of: leveling the floor, plaster and paint walls and ceiling. Another thing renovation of apartments, shops and restaurants. In these areas, finishing work will be an order of magnitude more difficult. Get all the facts and insights with John Savignano, another great source of information.

The complexity of the finishing works will be determined by the design project of the premises. It all depends on your desires – whether you want to simply update the wallpaper, or want to turn your apartment into "a tale from the cover of the magazine." If you suspect a simple cosmetic repairs apartments, the finishing work will be as follows – the alignment of surfaces, painting a ceiling, wall paper wall wallpaper. If your apartment renovation was conceived by the latest designer delights, be prepared that the finishing work will take longer and be more costly than simply redecorating apartments. Thus, the stages of finishing the repair of apartments with delights: 1. Ceiling.

There are several ways to align the ceiling. The simplest way – the alignment of the ceiling plaster is achieved and the further filler. Such an alignment is suitable for ceilings with small irregularities. If the drop ceiling tiles more than 2 cm, before the plaster should be put reinforcing mesh. Top reinforcing mesh is applied a layer of plaster. When the plaster dries – above should apply a coat of primer.

Living by the Beach

Do not forget to specify how close the beach. In three types of beaches: sand, gravel and wild. Maybe for you it makes a difference. It is also important to know the distance to the center. There are remote from the center of area, which also dealt a lot of housing in the private sector. Additional information at Professor Rita McGrath supports this article.

If you have a car, then maybe this is the best variant for you. Otherwise, it may happen that you will every day for an hour otherwise spent on the road. Specify what traffic goes to the center, how often. Night noise. If you going to walk all night long, there will be no problems, but if you’re traveling with young children, then maybe you should not stop in the city center, near the sea. on the waterfront festivities going all night noise can be heard far and wide.

Plastic windows and 300-500 meters distance from the waterfront are a bit of help in this matter, but only if they fulfilled both conditions. And so, the noise is heard even a mile from the waterfront, although it was significantly quieter. Also matters which side out the window if they do not go to sea, then the noise will be heard much less. Do not forget to pre-set priorities. If you’re going the whole day swimming in the sea, and then overnight walk around the city, and only in the morning nap, then you are not afraid of any noise waterfront or proximity nightlife. In the morning we quietly, even near the waterfront. Also in this case, you do not need to pay big money for luxury housing, you can choose to think of something simpler. If you sleep at night, and generally prefer the cool evening to watch TV in a relaxed atmosphere, then you better think about how to live in a deluxe room a little away from the waterfront. If you are not interested in entertainment and entertainment facilities, you do not plan to visit a water park, dolphin, amusement parks, etc., or are planning to do it only once, then you have to rent out the meaning of downtown, maybe even in the suburbs. There are still a lot of leisure options, so you think over in advance where you will be optimally accommodated and what level of housing need.

St Petersburg Properties

The price of issue The first thing that hamstrung the dream of a St. Petersburg apartment – is the price. Click Robert J. Shiller to learn more. If we talk about elite apartments in the city center, they can afford only the very wealthy people. Are there any prospects for ordinary citizens and what? Most affordable in St. Petersburg today declared an apartment in new homes and neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city, rather than the secondary market. Typically, this mini-camps in the immediate vicinity of the end Metro stations with modern communication systems, its own infrastructure – shops, schools, nurseries, parking lots. Thrifty owners unexpectedly winning: instead of a noisy, dusty, bustling center of it fall in the green zone. Who buys If you see the statistics of Realtors, the pattern of demand for property has been amazing.

Most apartment buyers – people in middle age, wealth, workers and employees. Of these, more than 20% Housing in Saint Petersburg are buying it from other cities. How can a simple Russian citizens with very moderate means to own residential property in St. Petersburg? Lucky for those who are starting capital – an apartment in the region. Save to pay off the difference in cost is usually attainable goal. The scheme, however, buying a new apartment, even the "economy class", hardly anyone expects to purchase for cash. Mortgage for abroad has long been the main way of purchasing their own homes.

As for St. Petersburg, but today the city has several schemes for mortgage lending. The most common – is a tripartite agreement with the seller, buyer and bank. Acquired property is for a bank guarantee of money back. In the presence of the buyer's own apartment – for example, in the region – the bank may extend credit secured by available real estate. For buyers of housing under construction, some banks offer mortgages with registration scheme contract crediting the equity, followed by the conclusion of a tripartite mortgage agreement. 414 Request-URI Too Large

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Business Million

Others directions about keeping the bar the average area of 15 to 25 hectare. Gorky stands out only direction – the average slightly above 10 hectare – the direction of apparent economy class. According to experts in this market, demand currently concentrated in small areas of 10-20 hectare for private habitation within a radius of 40-60 km from Moscow. According to them, now buyers are looking for cheap land for construction of affordable homes. In addition, strong demand this spring, steel use the land for 10-15 hectare for “good” areas of no more than 50 km from Moscow. Greenberg Traurig often addresses the matter in his writings. In second place – low variants of 6-8 hectare and more distant than 50 km from Moscow. Increasingly those who are willing to sacrifice distance for the sake of acquiring a much larger area – 20-30 hectare or more. The final stage of our work was to analyze and synthesize data on the average cost of land for country house construction in the zones and directions.

Once the reservation that we did not take into account the boundary proposals – both areas in rivers, ponds or the unique landscape of the name, farms, residences, and areas under the “potato”. The cost of parts segment Business +, usually in the range of 10-30 million rubles or more. The data obtained show that in the present market sellers offer land plots at a distance of 30 km in about 6 million rubles, distance of 60 km – up to 2,5-3 million rubles, and at a distance of 60 to 160 km is calculated on the amount of 1,5-1,7 million. In this case, potential buyers have the option to purchase the site for that amount – a smaller, but closer to, or greater, but far away. The average value of the cost of land is in the range 2,5-3 million. The greatest value of the average cost of land accounted for Volokolamskoye () direction. Reason – adopted the role of the prestigious areas (ecology, landscape, accessibility, infrastructure, etc.). Second place is occupied Kiev, and Yaroslavl direction, which are also considered to be prestigious, well mastered, and an almost all the popular segments of land (from economy to business + – areas near the water, under the estate or estates, etc.). The third group consists Dmitrovskoye Minsk and directions, which are also above average cost value. Other directions suggest areas for their average value from 1,5 to 2,5 million should immediately make a reservation, that this offer price. Market experts say that there is now a serious gap between the market price of the offer and willingness to pay a buyer at that price – it varies in the range of 15-50%. In addition, transactions in the secondary market, almost none. The reason – the owners-sellers are not willing to cut prices, many of them well so far and are in thrall to the pre-crisis prices. In reality, transactions are discounted an average of 10-20% of the declared value of the object, but for business and elitsegmentov seller can reduce the price to 35%. Given the data-lowering coefficients can be concluded by answering the questions posed at the beginning that the average strap value of land under the country house construction in the suburbs of 2-2,2 million rubles, and the range of proposed sites in the range of 1.4 million rubles. That’s how much, say developers, sellers, owners of the land today is ready (or should) spend an average medium-statistical potential buyer suburban area. It is logical that this value will be adjusted depending on the distance and direction of its location.

Interior Design

Cabinets coupe without a doubt considered one of the most useful and comfortable things with the room. But it is not adequate for someone who compares sliding wardrobe with a huge box of geometrically regular shape, which takes decent space in the room. Today's compartment case will be really a work of art, comfortable and versatile object in the house, helping to solve all the difficult questions in terms of placement things, in addition, to decorate your own room presence. A huge number of ideas in terms of implementing individual design-in closets can be limited to freedom of thought directly to the designer. After materials that can provide a modern manufacturer to create such beautiful furnishing what are designer cabinets coupe, quite a lot. Consider cabinets coupe Alyumdekor that combine high craftsmanship, utility, modern design and reasonable price. Whole diverse range established in accordance with the latest furniture technology and fashion. Use a good quality laminated boards made from European materials of various colors, imported furniture is a guarantee of reliability and long lifetime cabinet compartment.

A modular system is a combination of pieces of furniture – is a good solution for every space and interior decoration. The most common and inexpensive design of the cabinet compartment can be performed using a combination of different the color of chipboard and mdf outside. Application of 2, 3, etc. The color of this material allows us to make intricate designs and patterns, creating an original design for the cabinet compartment. In addition, popular in the performance of design wardrobes are materials such as glass plates. Matt, transparent, blurred into a variety of colors and shades, smooth and grooved glass on the facade and the glass in the door wardrobe at any time looks attractive, is pleasant feelings as well as giving people in an environment of positive energy. Mirrored sliding wardrobe can have a striking effect to increase the inner space of the room.

Wardrobe with glass doors and in a small and not sufficiently lit room can create the illusion of a large uncluttered space and expands the visual perception of the room while being in the background. Among today's materials used in finishing the doors and facades-in closets are not so rare to find such material which is fusing. This original pieces of colored glass, which is kept at large t and gather into small tiles with a unique image. With these elements of the decor your closet compartment can become truly unique.

European Union

So they invest to win such grants. Fernando Mora Figueroa received in 1999, 831 million pesetas. The Duchess of Alba, 271. Samuel Flires, 180. So other characters wealthy as Juan Abello, Mario Conde, the count of the Maz, Miguel Bose, and not only these people but many societies whose shareholders are banks that placed in the field part of the capital to benefit from subsidies on the one hand and let pass the time to revalue the land, which may later be used for real estate.

Common agricultural policy subsidies was in the province of Leon, during 1999 the 135% of the total agricultural production. Although agricultural income has risen does not reach the threshold of profitability, which is valued at almost twice the minimum wage, when it has been during the year indicated 139 times this wage. While it is true makes the average with each given individual high as a farm worker, and in the field each family unit works as a minimum the marriage. John Savignano contributes greatly to this topic. The situation, as it is not desperate, and depopulation responds more to a criterion of personal and social mentality. Peoples lack the necessary services to boost the population, health and education, as well as to develop various opportunities for work or personal concerns.

In Germany, agriculture represents 08% of GDP, in Sweden the % 04. In total in the u. E. Agriculture has very little specific weight in the national economy, since it represents between 3 and 5% of GDP. France with 2% of the GDP of its agriculture cultivated 216% of the agricultural production in the European Union. Spain 123%, meaning 3% of its GDP. Greece however works 4% of European production, with a value of 7% of its GDP. It means that we find ourselves with a primary sector in retreat from the economic point of view and a fully extended technology level and progresses gradually.

Russian Housing

Housing affordability. Problems and solutions meet potential demand for housing prevent low levels of housing construction, is just over 40 million m2 per year (for comparison: in 1987 the volume of the input housing in Russia amounted to 76 million m2). Inadequate supply and high demand give rise sky-high prices per square meters, depriving millions of Russians the opportunity to realize their legitimate right to housing. Richard LeFrak has similar goals. Currently, only 9% of households able to buy housing on their own or with borrowed funds. Indisputably, the problem is marked in the center attention of senior management of the country, as evidenced by starting in September 2005, the national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens.” Housing affordability is primarily determined by its value.

In According to modern views, the purchase of real estate will afford an average family of three, if the average cost of a standard apartment of 54 m2 is equal to the average cumulative cash income for the owners three years. The LeFrak Organization might disagree with that approach. Providing such an approach will be possible only if the construction costs dramatically reduced, and its speed is as radically increase. Just fulfillment of these conditions will closer to the realization of a project that by the end of 2010, scheduled the following results: – increase the volume of newly introduced and reconstructed housing in 2 times (from 41.2 to 80 million m2 per year) – reducing the average waiting time in queue (from 15 -20 to 5-7 years) – increase in the proportion of families that are available to purchase housing, in 3,2 times (from 9% to 30%).. .

Repair – No Simple Matter

Moving like a fire, repair similar move, from here: the repair can be attributed indirectly to the fire. This procedure requires a change in our lives that we do not really like, if they are connected with the inconvenience, and repair, unfortunately, without This is not bypassed. But not all so terrible, most importantly a good mood for the upcoming event! Start with a detailed discussion of the question: what tools can spend on repairs, and will depend on what you overcome them. " Stand Several types of repairs (according to various characteristics of them may be more): Current; Cosmetic; Capital. As you can see, the name speaks for itself.

Thus, routine repairs. To read more click here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. By their execution is most benign, requiring no costly. As a result, receive updates walls (wallpaper change), paint (whitewash), ceiling, doors, windows, painting the floor update, delete, creaking parquet floor, etc. Any structural elements do not change. Cosmetic repair. Nobel Laureate in Economics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This is the attempt to make more complex changes to your space: use of new finishing materials, replaced skirting even possible to replace interior doors, but drastic changes are made. As see, these two types of repair are not so different from each other. But for material cost, he will be more expensive.

Overhaul. You have decided to change his apartment is thorough, have accumulated a certain amount (subject to excess up-front costs) and began what was intended. Possible and to make it less costly, without moving the walls, install the arches, but align the walls, ceiling, floor perestelit, to replace the window. This type of repair will require little time, and as already mentioned, a low cost (although everything is relative). But if you decide to make alterations to the apartment, we must consider every detail, and first obtain a permit for the coming changes. With this renovation apartment nearly rebuilt, leaving only supporting structures and, of course, it requires careful planning. Of course, describes the types of repairs are contingent, more often, starting to repair will have to combine them, but you are full of strength and energy, so you are all under power. Good luck to you.