Mini-office With Great Potential .

A new product from the German company Koenig + Neurath – it is a universal response to demands for flexible, cost-effective and efficient use of space in the office. Mobile stand-alone solution that provides all the organizational and technical infrastructure of an ergonomic workstation. Mobile Office is easy to install and folds. It is made of steel, aluminum and wood. Modest dimensions – 190x146x74 cm – includes everything you need for an ordinary job.

Mobility and only complete technical equipment can accommodate a compact workstation anywhere in the office space and easily move it depending on the necessary. The project offers a wide range of different configurations to meet any requirement of work situations. At the same time, professionals working, offers a high level of secrecy that extremely important in today’s offices open. Dignity lie in the fact that it is a workstation, being fully equipped and ergonomically designed, can be set up and ready to use in very short time. By changing the height and angle of the tops and other parts and components can be optimally configured for the specific user, achieving, for example, the desired visual distance between the user and monitor. Dual lighting system flexibly adjusted to the required brightness levels for industrial conditions and the immediate work area.

Documents and materials can be accessed at any time, or may locked in a personal safe, to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Small bulletin boards to help accommodate the operational information: notes, photographs, drawings, etc. The design is special mechanism that allows the door hung a left and right. And to use natural daylight, provides the ability to align with the level of the window. All this means that can be acceptable a variety of options for the location of the office. After working in the office ended, can be securely locked and stored in a special space-saving “parking”, for example, or placed in reserve storage. The assembled as occupies minimal space when stored. Savings when buying compared to the cost of acquisition of individual elements necessary for setting up a traditional workstation with the same level of functionality that is very significant. Not surprisingly, therefore, that innovative solutions received many international awards, including the premium

Office Furniture

Office relocation includes the following steps: disassembly of furniture, loading and unloading, assembling furniture and setting it on the seat. Disassembly and reassembly of furniture should be professional collectors of furniture. In order to assemble office furniture, you need special knowledge and special tools. Of course, all this can be done independently. But when it is taken for the layman, the cabinet doors are beginning to tend constantly swing open, the locks – jammed, chair limp, and the tops of office desks somewhere gets scratched. If you want your office furniture was assembled quickly and accurately, and serve you for many years, then entrust the work of professionals. Professional furniture assembler knows about all the furniture. He knows about furniture materials of different furniture manufacturers, he knows how to deal with domestic furniture, and how – with imports. Professional builder of furniture not only has at its disposal a professional tool for disassembly and assembly of furniture, but also knows how to use the professional collector of furniture – it a man who decides to half the problems associated with office relocation.

Office Lighting

"Lighting – the use of light in a specific environment, close to the objects or their surroundings in order to make them visible." Such a definition of the concept of "illumination" gives the dictionary of the natural sciences. In this article we will discuss details not only coverage in a particular environment – office space, but also how to do things on your desk visible in every detail. Office lamps are not only sources of light, but regulators employee productivity. In many ways, from a desk lamp depends on how distinguishable are not only objects on the desktop, but their details – text documents, fragments of images, scale devices. It is well known – the eye man tries to catch the details, and if they are blurred, indistinct, the application for recognition of additional effort leads to fatigue and inattention. Proper office lighting is certainly not only ceiling lamps, and table lamp, and allow you to create the required dedication is in the working area table. When choosing an office desk lamp should consider the following factors: the overall room lighting required illumination workplace, area and location of an office desk lamp. If the room has few sources of natural and total artificial light, and the work of the employee requires attention to small details, you should choose a table lamp with an additional reflective coating inside the lampshade.

Typically, such coverage exists for office lighting with fluorescent lighting. Correct location of the source light to the left of the working man at the table. However, often, the area of the desktop can not be placed on it more and more base table lamp. In this case the correct solution choice of office lamp with fixture in the form of clamps, it allows you to securely attach the lamp to the top. More convenient to office lamp design, which allows you to change the angle and height of the ceiling. Such a device will achieve the desired coverage at the desired point the desktop, and will not require additional space. Choosing the type of light source is necessary to remember that cheaper office lighting with incandescent lamps have number of shortcomings, which you should pay attention. Incandescent lamps consume more power, they are noticeably hot (temperature is 75 watt lamp after an hour of up to 250 degrees), their lifetime is less than the period service fluorescent lamps. In the dignity of incandescent bulbs, you can add – flicker-free and smooth emission spectrum of the entire life cycle. Office lamps, fitted with fluorescent lamps are economical, provide more correct for the human eye and the emission spectrum due to their advantages are presented in a larger assortment row. Given these data can make the right choice of a desk lamp and for the office and the office manager where she will be not only necessary for productive work detail, but a worthy element of the interior.