Valdai Apartment

" Many friends of Dmitry Medvedev, including Russians, earning more than $ 1 billion annually and that says a lot in this context … Much more clarity with the estate of the president, this documentation available for much longer. Dmitry Medvedev has one office in St. Petersburg, two in Moscow and disposes of the residence on the ruble, the castle in the suburbs and other objects Property of the highest class. Apartment in St. Petersburg – a seven-story four-room apartment in a Soviet-built house. One of the apartments in Moscow, Medvedev is located on the street Tikhvin at number 4.

Total area Apartment – 174 square meters. Neighbors am president there are current and former ministers, including Valery Zorkin, Leonid Reiman, Rashid Nurgaliyev and other prominent political figures. The second apartment in Moscow, Dmitry Medvedev located in the exclusive residential complex "Gold keys-1" on the street of Minsk. The total area of 364.5 sq. km. m. The apartment consists of four bedrooms, dining room, spacious living room and three toilets. In the apartment has multi-level ceilings with exclusive ceiling lights, living room – cast columns made of crystal, marble floor is coated.

In the public areas of the trim is made entirely from expensive finishing materials, and even ordinary overhead fluorescent lights in the ceiling space are made by special order for full compliance with the interior design, which was developed with a view of the high status tenants 'Golden Keys'. Sam is a residential complex of several buildings tower connected together. Within the complex there are some useful infrastructure, a sauna, beauty salon, fitness club, gym. There is also a winter garden under a glass roof and a full-fledged football ground in the yard. Complex and the surrounding areas are under-clock security, constantly working today video monitoring system, metal halide floodlights illuminate the area of the complex, all buildings are equipped with building automation and autonomous power supply. Monthly utility bills for the apartment about $ 5 thousand Agree promotion of web site in Russia will come a little bit cheaper … Medvedev neighbors here are bankers, politicians and himself Patriarch Alexy II. But Dmitry Medvedev is living in another place – in the residence Gorki-9 Ruble. Here, the president has a luxurious mansion, surrounded by pine trees, a tennis court, work area with an office for meetings and negotiations, as well as a helipad, a few helicopters, and more. By the way, Vladimir Putin lives just 10 minutes away from the object in the same residence, located in the Novo-Ogaryovo. Another interesting object in the possession of Medvedev, a lock Meiendorf, located in the suburbs. There president is vacationing with friends and happy holiday events, corporate parties and private events … Besides, Medvedev manages the residence of 'Bocharov Stream' in Sochi, 'Volga Bluff' next to Samara, posh residence in Yekaterinburg, the Karelian villa 'Shuiskaya Chupa' Valdai 'long beards' residence in Tver 'Zavidovo' Konstantinovsky Palace (near St. Petersburg) and, of course, can get in order any other real estate in Russia.

Household Types

All we know what is a stone, we all know that there are many types, but surely not all know specific properties that have some of them. You’ve perhaps never raised anything about stones, but comes a day in which you need to take a decision, for example to your build or decorate your new House, and the properties of each stone can be decisive in the future in that home. In our country there are companies specializing in this type of material, which usually learn the properties of the main types of stones used for household tiles. Stone depending on need types there are many different types of stones to use in our home tiles. We can divide into seven major groups:-travertine: consisting mostly of calcium carbonate, but considered as a type of marble. It has a variety of colors from tone lightest to darkest, allowing you to find a wide variety of tiles of this material.

They are both used for rustic decorations like avant-garde and in addition can be found with Beta or without it, what makes that there is no two equal stones. -Terracotta: characterized by giving feeling of warmth to the rooms, they tend to be the most commonly used in households. They can be used indoor or outdoor with hues ranging from honey clear Red/Brown. -Slate: Gives a natural and elegant look to the constructions, both exteriors and interiors, and also does not have a very high cost. It is formed through separable layers that tend to be earthy, dark and gray tones.

-Marble: Is a metamorphic rock that can be found in different colors and is typically used for inland areas. Some parts contain impurities, which makes we can observe betas or various grains. -Granite: Great resistance and usually colors and shades white or clear. The granite is used in great works of buildings as well as the interior of homes. -Sandstone: Composed of small grains. It highlights the quartz that has a very bright appearance. The sandstones are characterized by adapt to the temperature that has the environment and are used to save energy. -Clay and mud: suitable both for interior exterior and available in a wide range of colors. They are easy to install and can even have non-slip nature. Different uses and ways of use but tiles are not employed solely for the soil of our homes, as we commonly tend to think. Natural stones can also be used to cover the walls of some rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen and even on shelves finishes. It is very common to use small tiles for finishes Windows, sources in the garden, skirtings, etc. There is so much diversity, which you can choose between tiles with or without filling, different palettes, non-slip or not, gloss or Matt everything depending on and adapting to the use you want to give and knowing differentiate between the most suitable for interiors and exteriors. A good example of company dedicated to the use of natural stone is original author and source of the article

National Housing Commission

Increasingly, resident Latino families in San Antonio who want to make real the American dream of owning a home itself. The purchase of homes in San Antonio, is supported by the U.S. Government in favor of latinos. It should be noted that San Antonio is a unique American city, with Mexican history. Live in San Antonio is almost like living in Mexico. The Latin, inhabitant of this city in the sunny State of Texas, can enjoy the best of Hispanic culture, the culture of the United States.UU.

Training for Latinos looking for buy homes in San Antonio Latino buyers of real estate have training programs that have been designed especially for Hispanic installed in San Antonio, TX, wishing to find a house or apartment to buy. San Antonio, is considered one of the most suitable cities to get home by latinos. For this reason, many organizations governmental as well as many NGOs have created special programs and projects to help Hispanic residents of the region. The National Housing Commission of LULAC free courses offered by the National Housing Commission of LULAC (organization formed in 1929, to defend the civil rights of Hispanics in the United States), are of high value and easy access for Hispanics residing in the State of Texas. Since 2005, approximately, LULAC this training to the residents of San Antonio and other cities with large Hispanic populations with very well-structured programs that include topics of interest to the homebuyer. They are examples of programs and/or courses available on: stories credit assessment of lending procedures of insurance and advice from real estate agents etc., these courses easily motivate latino buyer who always looks for support and advice in their native language. Because buy housing in San Antonio? Hispanics represent 60% of the population in San Antonio, because in this city are many benefits when buying a home.

Among these, besides the facilities to find Spanish-speaking real estate agents, latinos in Texas they are other services that are given entirely in Spanish. The buyer of houses or apartments in Texas, can find advice not only through such programmes, mentioned above, but also through offices and agencies of policies for housing. That is must have in mind at the time of buying a House? Homebuyers in Texas, should realize how much is its borrowing capacity, and they must choose a suitable real estate agent to be able to successfully close the deal. For this there are numerous services and specialized offices that give hand to latinos even in their native language. The American dream of buying houses for rent or for housing, can make reality with the help of organizations focused on helping the resident Hispanic in the United States as LULAC. You can find more information on homeownership programs for latinos in and you can find a listing of homes for sale in San Antonio, Texas at original author and source of the article

Installation Bus

The need for the creation of a single language for the design of control systems, arose more than 20 years ago. Given the need for a large amount of building control systems manufacturers and builders of real estate. The objective of this system is that all computers can communicate among themselves successfully, regardless of manufacturer. As a result, was created an independent body called EIB (European Installation Bus) in order to manage a world for the various control systems standard. This standard is now known as KNX, has been in force for two decades. Your data tell us that it has more than 7,000 products compatible between itself and more than 200 producers. Housing domotic applications both for the control of known intelligent buildings, the KNX Protocol is the standard for worldwide use.

This standard can control, among other things: – energy-efficient – lighting systems – Control and dosage of water – security systems, alarms, surveillance. -Appliances, audio. -Air conditioning (air conditioning / heating)-enclosures, blinds. The mentioned manufacturers amongst Zennio which contributes with a wide range of products KNX (control air conditioning, lighting, screens and tactile pushbuttons, sensors, actuators and interfaces) in addition to the KES (KNX Energy Saver), a bet from Zennio by environment and energy savings based on the KNX standard, allowing to measure the consumed energy and the electrical power of a three-phase circuit or single-phase three. Full news in KNX domotics. You can find more information about different products and news in the world of home automation in Zennio Spain and Basalte Spain