There is another way of leveling the ceiling in the framework of repair of apartments. He applied in that case, if the difference between the ceiling tiles just enormous. In such cases, the false ceiling. And another great way for uneven ceilings – suspended ceilings installation. Installation of suspended ceilings it takes little time and has several advantages (for example – if you have filled in, then the suspended ceiling will keep the water unnecessarily pvc has high ). It is worth mentioning also about ceilings. That giprochny ceiling allows for a flight of fancy designer.

It can be layered, with stucco, etc. 2. Floors. Performing the repair of apartments, one should remember that quality floor finish depends on the quality alignment. There are several ways of leveling floors – technology alignment depends on the initial state of the floor. When the floor is lined, it is possible to produce the flooring. To date, there are many options for finishing sex. From the simple to the linoleum floor with underfloor heating.

We list the main options for floor finishes: – linoleum, laminate flooring, carpet, ceramic tiles, floor with floor finishes elektropodogrevomVybor depends on your desire. 3. Wall. If you want to get a quality repair flats, then leveling walls also should be paid attention to the limit. After alignment, you are ready to finish. How can you beat the wall in the apartment? – Wallpaper (wallpaper may be the most different – from the simplest paper wallpaper, finishing steklooboyami, recently very popular wallpaper for painting) – you can make finishing sheetrock walls, which will provide arches, niches and other architectural elements, is another interesting option – decorative stone walls – will give a unique image and comfort of your dwelling-walls with plastic panels – plastic panels are well washed, and a finish most often used in places where required constant cleaning – kitchen, bath, toilet, ceramic tile finish – a huge range of ceramic tiles to create a unique pattern or mosaic-walls wood (wood paneling) – wall decoration cloth – one of the most expensive and beautiful views of walls, has a substantial negative – accumulating dust. Thus, finishing work have a lot of options and the existing range finishing materials can make your home a cozy, modern and comfortable. And let Your renovated apartment will be the most beautiful!


in 2004. In function of this increase of demand for water in the region, the number of perforateed tubular wells in the region passed of 1.000 wells in the end of decade 70 for about 6.000 in year 2004, being about 70% these wells currently in activity. As in the majority of the crsticas areas of the world, in the region of Irece it does not have great superficial water sources, of form that the underground water is the most important source of supplying for the agricultural and animal and complementary use for the human and industrial use. Beyond the farming activities and fast demographic growth in the region, the occurrence of drawn out dry periods, irregularity and me the space distribution of precipitations, with annual average between 500 and 600 mm/ano, has extended the demand for underground water, with consequent increase of the number of perforateed wells and degradation of the fretico level of the water-bearing one throughout last the 20 years. The water-bearing crstico of the region of Irece is water-bearing a free associate to the neoproterozicas carbonticas rocks. Of the Group It joins in the state of the Bahia (Bambui Group in Minas Gerais), whose morphology was sculptured by successive cycles of aplainamentos, resulting a plateau dissecado with average altitude around 800m.

The water-bearing one presents piezomtrica surface following the regional topography and underground flow in direction to the gutters of the rivers Green, Alligator and its main tributaries. The estimate of values and conditions of recharge of water-bearing crsticos has been a challenge for the hidrogelogos of some parts of the world, especially in regions where it has great variation in the space and secular distribution of precipitations. In general way, the values of the recharge and discharge have been monitored from use of chemical, isotpicos tracers, physical measures of the values of liquid discharges in springs, freticos levels (NF) from monitoramento of wells and regional precipitations.