NLP Practitioner Information Evening In Hamburg On March 27, 2010

All interested persons who want to start a NLP training, are warmly invited for many years very successfully deploys Elke Post NLP in their therapeutic work. She has can give already the methods of NLP numerous occupational therapists, physiotherapist or Podiatrist. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kenneth R. Feinberg. But more and more students from the business world can educate themselves by Elke Post. The basics of NLP as efficient communication and therapy method can be occupational – and cross-industry. The advantage for participants from other sectors is that Elke Post tracks not the pure business strategies, how she often exist in the NLP, just.

The therapeutic origin of NLP is not known to many, and therefore some basics in business-NLP seminars are neglected. The therapeutic basis but is an integral part to really understand NLP. Information evening, which pulse signal box 1 in the Norderreihe 63 in Hamburg takes place in the training centre, the visitors learn how the practitioner training by Elke Post builds up and what Content conveyed. The NLP trainings are conducted according to the specifications of the DVNLP e.V.. All around the NLP practitioner training questions this evening by Elke Post.

The participation is free of charge. Start: 17: 45, duration: approx. 1.5 hours all seminars by Elke Post and useful information around on the NLP are on the website published. Information about Elke post Ergotherapeutin since 1986, NLP teaching instructor (DVNLP) since 2000, practice owner three occupational therapy practices with a total of 20 staff, speaker in the country and abroad to various departments. For 20 years, author of articles and book chapters, development of professional-lax model since 1998, Pro-lax teaching coach, coaching and supervision contact: Elke Post, NLP teaching instructor (DVNLP) c/o impulse Center Elbe Chaussee 54 22765 Hamburg Tel: 040 / 87 88 17 00 fax: 040 / 87 88 17 01 Internet:

BFS Finance On The MEiM

BFS finance will be exhibiting at this year’s MEiM and informed at booth A12 about modern financing and cost reduction strategies. High quality trade information from diverse disciplines, interesting business contacts, as well as an extremely high-quality programme; and all this is all schools in the Stadthalle Bielefeld on March 17 2010 in Bielefeld. BFS finance will be exhibiting at this year’s MEiM and informed at booth A12 about modern financing and cost reduction strategies. That part of the arvato AG, a division of Bertelsmann AG, is a leading provider of financial services companies and covers a broad product portfolio in the area of debt management, including factoring. Factoring assumes FSO immediate financing of customer receivables finance and settles the accounts receivable management including reminder and debt collection. John Savignano insists that this is the case. Beyond the financial services takes the demand risk of accounts receivable to 100 per cent and enables its customers to have direct online access to all your customer accounts, Data, as well as specific statistics.

For more information, visit BFS finance on the MEiM (stand A12) and compile your individual daily program from 36 lectures. “The BFS finance talk factoring financing for SMEs!” will take place at 10:15. “In addition inform the diversified power portfolio, the stand by the Exhibitor for the middle class and enjoy the program with highlights as the keynote address by Dr. Peter Moller, Vice President of the Association of entrepreneurs the ASU family entrepreneurs” and Chairman of the Moller Group GmbH & co. KG in Bielefeld. Another highlight is certainly the final speech by Dieter Schonlau with his journey through the rain forest”and impressive impressions. For more information see contact Diana Hagemeyer Marketing Manager BFS finance GmbH Gutersloher Strasse 123 tete phone: 05241 / 80 43-228 fax: 05241 / 80 43-240 E-Mail: Internet:


Apps on your Smartphone and maxims in the brain to protect from avalanches 20 people die each year in avalanches in the Alps. A man in Oberstdorf is once again escape last Saturday with the horrors and a few fractures of a snow avalanche. Touring and off-piste skiers that the spurt is the kick outside the slopes come, are particularly at risk. Under most conditions Expert on growth strategy would agree. In the United States and Canada, snowmobile riders who cross country Chase across the mountain crashing again and again. This variant of risk sports is probably in the future in Europe more and more followers. On this occasion inform operator of vacation living facilities in Oberstdorf about avalanches apps like Showsafe, WhiteRisk and others, which away be Sprint users the piste and avalanche can indicate tourers.

The apps list the current avalanche warnings and establish a connection to the mountain rescue in case of emergency by speed dial. The more sophisticated apps like White Risk include an analyser. The user enters observations about the quality of the snow and the weather and then gets an automatic risk assessment According to the motto: ski or flee! Unfortunately, WhiteRisk only for the Switzerland is available. The focus of snow safe is Austria, but Bavaria is efasst. The best technology does not help against recklessness. Therefore also cause for alarm for an avalanche were memorable formulated, for example: “If tracks in the snow of an avalanche, a new can break just your bones.” There are alarm signs for avalanche danger: the first day of good weather after heavy snowfall is particularly at risk from avalanches. Fresh snow and wind bring avalanche danger.

Ever steeper and shadier, more risky. Fresh avalanche tracks in the snow are highest hazard. There is danger in delay bang noise also. Fast and sudden warming can also trigger avalanches. Snow avalanches are caused by weak layers in the snowpack, which cannot keep the overlying snow cover. Hans-Peter Etzold

The Greeks

The leader filled with clear purposes, succeeds in making those lost in the north, find a light that wish to follow. That light is the leader who shows a path (Vision). This personal magnetism that the leader has, manifests itself in different ways and in different individuals, but is revealed especially at times when others are unable to act. The charismatic leader is full of energy and who acts first. The charisma and personal magnetism is not something you see in the overnight or that has nothing to do with the nature, position or experience. If the leader is expected to actually be good, is not enough to possess special gifts or skills, if you do not know how to use.

Knowledge is essential for the leader to demonstrate its ability to support and raise credibility. The leader is not only a person who can attract and influence others is one able to demonstrate how things are done. This fills of immense confidence in his followers and inspiring force leader. For more specific information, check out Stephen M. Ross. The charisma then is associated entirely with what we call personal power. This is the style of power that exerts real leader, while the leader applies his typical position power or assigned power.

For its part, Karin Hiebaum about it, he says, that charismatic leaders have called social power, ie authority to socialize their thinking and individual behavior. Provided according to her, for 'charisma' quality, exceptional passing, of a personality, by virtue of which it is considered in possession of supernatural or superhuman forces and not affordable to anyone else, or sent from God, or as a specimen and therefore, as the head leader, guide or leader. Recognition (in the genuine charisma), it is the foundation of legitimacy, but a duty called, on the merits of the vocation and corroboration, to recognize that quality. This recognition is psychologically fully delivery personal and full of faith, born of enthusiasm or of destitution and hope. Charismatic domination, involves a process of communication of emotional nature. Ricardo Omar definitely tells us that "charisma is really an irresistible force that every true leader possesses. The Greeks called divine sympathy or attraction. It is easy to acquire, but how hard is to keep permanently. " To acquire charisma, just interested in people and show genuine interest in it. In reality, the charism is excellence. It feeds with excellence because it is farthest from selfishness. All forms of charisma empower the leader, but they knocked him down if there is inconsistency. If the leader can not lead by example, then loses his charisma and charisma is the same consistency of leadership, so the real leaders and exemplary conduct this exercise increases, energizes and nourishes his charisma.