Repair Bathroom

Repair bathroom completed, probably the most complicated and expensive repairs in the apartment. And they do it usually once every 10-15 years. Therefore, making repairs to the bathroom it is better to choose the tiles for bathroom, bathroom furniture, bath, faucets – to result in, redecorate the bathroom, you will not want to redo everything. John Savignano may also support this cause. Particular attention should be paid to the plumbing. Competently and efficiently made layout of water during the repair of a bathroom, a pledge that the neighbors below you will live in harmony. There are many opinions about what tubes to use for laying water supply, making repairs to the bathroom. Speaking candidly Anne Chadwick told us the story.

Many believe that the best copper pipes. Once they are expensive, so they are better. But there is such a thing – stray currents that disrupt copper. Of course there are ways to protect, but if your pipes are not copper and gold! Making routing water polypropylene remember that it's pretty hard material, and not in all cases it will sink into the wall. Well, as a matter of course, you should use reinforced polypropylene pipes. But most of all, i tend to pipes of metal-base. They are already quite long appeared in the construction market, and fairly well-proven with proper use. First of all, before the collector (a comb) should be set gear, preferably with a pressure gauge to be adjust the optimum water pressure. Then you have nothing to be afraid of water hammer, which can be at any time. Well, the second least important point – from the collector to the final output should be no connections. If you will comply with or adhere to these rules, repairing the bathroom a good thing.

International Investment Group Data Bloomberg

The average forecasts of analysts located at 89 and cents a share. Shares of financial holding company Wintrust Financial Corp. (WTFC US) fell by 6.9% to a level of $ 30.02. The company has announced that it intends to sell 3.2 million shares and 4 million units of physical assets. Mitcham Industries Inc. (MIND US) seller of seismic equipment, posted earnings for the third quarter amounting to a 7-cents per share, up 23% more than the average estimate of analysts, reports Bloomberg. Expert on growth strategy is open to suggestions. Men's Wearhouse Inc. (MW US)-seller men's suits and attributes, said losses for the fourth quarter, which may amount to 22 cents a share, more than analysts' forecasts of 5 cents per share, reported Bloomberg.

Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN US) second-largest producer microchips, reported a decline in fourth quarter profit and sales. Forecasts for net profit of $ 61 to $ 65 cents per share on sales of $ 3.43 billion analysts for earnings – $ 63 cents a share, on sales of $ 3.5 billion Starwood Property Trust Inc. (STWD US)-Mortgage investment trust that primarily focuses on investing, financing, mortgage loans, commercial mortgage-backed securities, commercial real estate and other commercial real estate. In the company announced the sale of 20 million shares through a secondary public offering. David Wells (David Wells), joined the company Netflix Inc., (NFLX US) in 2004 as chief financial officer, expressed his desire to implement a "program empowerment ". The program shall enter into force on 10 th dekabrya.Rekomendatsii: The company Cenovus Energy Inc. (CVE US)-engaged in the development, production and sale of oil, natural gas and bituma.Vchera shares opened with a gap by updating annual high – $ 32.9.

During the trading session, the paper fell by 1.5%, to close at $ 31.72. Range trading session amounted to – $ 1.21. Today will be published statistics on stocks of gasoline, distillates and loading of oil refining capacities. Also, Today, the company will provide data on forecasts and prospects. Why SELL-in case of negative company news, technical input to SELL-at breakdown $ 31.69. Current price: $ 31.72. The consensus fair value: $ 32.63. Target: $ 31. Analytical Division of the International Investment Group Data Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Briefing, Interfax.

Bathroom Interiors

If you have a small bathroom, this is not a reason to refuse a nice interior in it. In fact, as the wc area of 3 – 5 m2, making comfortable, beautiful and modern. If you have a small bathroom, special role in its planning is a rational arrangement of plumbing appliances, and is largely dictated by the location of pipes for hot and cold water supply and sanitation. Location of toilets very tightly tied to the location of the sewer riser, which is better, not only to hide, but also the most efficient use (for example, to hide with him and the tank). There are modern models of toilets, which are attached directly to the wall and have a system of deep washout, as well as models, technical features which allow you to have sinks and toilets at a low partition wall from different sides, which sometimes is not only saves space but also serves as an element of functional zoning bathrooms. The main advantage of such partitioning is that it can hide all the piping system. All this saves space bathrooms. Recently, more and more popular adjacent to the walls of the bathroom low plinths, which carried out installation of piping fittings.

This reduces the cost of construction work. Most popular now shell-lugs up to 1 meter, the surfaces of which are used as shelves. It must be remembered that the delimited space in the bathroom can be a piece of furniture, for example, narrow cabinet pull-out section between the zones tuleta and washbasin. Are increasingly being applied angular solutions which provide maximum space saving. In the corner, can perfectly accommodate a washing machine, bathtub, sink, toilet or corner shower cubicle having enclosure made of glass, which is absolutely not clutter the space.

This cabin can be used without an integrated pan, making the bathroom more spacious. Sometimes you want to have in your bathroom maximum necessary plumbing and advanced set of amenities. In a small bathroom, you can resort to the standard solution, placing equipment is not at right angles, and changing the angle of installation. You can also apply "Flexible" organization of space: using a mobile sink of acrylic, which, thanks to a durable hinge to be readily change its position; place arranged by the same principle of rotating locker mounted in a corner shower. If you resort to such methods, for the visual integration of all parts of the space basement bathroom walls and preferably oblitsevat the same material. As for color solutions interior design, there is the most suitable light colors and transparent material that visually expand the space. Better to abandon dark or too bright colors and the tiles with a large figure, as well as from shiny surfaces. Visually enlarge the room to help laid on the diagonal tiles. In a small bathroom special attention should be paid to rational distribution and storage, as well as placement furniture. Currently, for small bathrooms designed compact baths, showers, mirrors, cabinets, space-saving furniture. Make maximum use of space under the sink basin and above it, the maximum use of wall space, wall niches and shelves. To increase the visual space is necessary to use a mirror. Mirror in the bathroom, you can add versatility: if it is not just hanging on wall, but also serves as a door hanging locker. If the bathroom is not enough lighted, can help fastened to the wall mirror to the changing angle of inclination.

North Cyprus – The Time To Invest !

North Cyprus – the time to invest! Undeservedly forgotten island, or rather part of it for more than 36 years of age, more often appears in the international news media, is the "apple of discord" in the discussion of many policy decisions. Only the British, realizing all the charm of this country, started buying up cheap real estate in Northern Cyprus during the last decades, for obvious reasons: the pristine miles of land, beautiful beaches, cleanest environment, the almost total absence of crime, inexpensive real estate. Then began the first "boom" of construction in the north of Cyprus. Absence and failure to recognize a country such as North Cyprus, perhaps, gives us the opportunity to see this part of the island the way it is preserved today. Get more background information with materials from John Savignano. Slowly, information about the country as the glorious corner of the world with low property prices, despite the thoroughness of some politicians conceal its existence, disperse, and people from all over the world started buying real estate here. But after a British family lost the case Orams in the European Court, the whole European market average, and only residents countries outside the EU, continued to buy here wary real estate, usually only on the Turkish titles. It did not last long – March 5, 2010 European Court of Human Rights passed a law on "Commission on Real property "in Cyprus, which is responsible to consider land claims on both sides, to decide disputed property issues at the state commission and decide the necessary amount Compensation (More) Thus, the EU and Northern Cyprus government fully guarantees the security of buying a property in Northern Cyprus. .

Property Tax

In the Ukrainian mass media had a lot of publications and interviews of representatives of the new government on the need for a 'luxury tax'. In particular, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov repeatedly advocated the feasibility of introducing a tax on properties that are privately owned. And in the new draft Tax Code actually imposed standards, as a result of which, with 01.01.2012g taxed residential real estate, apartments of 300 sq. m. home – more than 500 square meters, and a year and commercial real estate. However, registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Draft Tax Code a surprise. According to the official website of the Parliament of Ukraine, Mykola Tomenko noticed that the June 15 memorandum, which was registered in the parliament along with Project references NC, contained a provision on 'a tax on real property other than land (from January 1, 2012 – Residential real estate area exceeding 300 square meters from January 1, 2014 – on non-residential property). " But the next day the text of the explanatory note was changed, and the aforementioned tax and no mention.

'So, today, on the consideration of the document in its final versions do not rate a tax on luxury "- summed stated. Vice-Speaker noted that the previous government twice to make proposals to BP for a tax on real estate (in March and June 2009.), But in both polls voted for them only part of the BYuT and OU-PSD and the required number of votes was not scored. 'It is clear that the government first thought of myself and decided to take the time to pay the increased taxes, so the advertised model of the country from Azarov, Yanukovych, where rich people would have shared with the poor, failed miserably. 'This is another example of what the new regime is being actively implemented Election Program of the President, but with the specification of 'Ukraine for' their 'people' – added stated.

Landscape Engineering

The largest garden, irrigated by salt water garden irrigation project Zayedskogo salt water in Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf (UAE) occupies an area of 20,000 m2 and contains 22 000 species and 40 species of plants, which watered with salt water different concentrations. Part of the plant has acquired resistance to such a glaze in a natural way, a part – as a result of genetic modification. Researchers, biologists working in the department of gardening in Western Province Abu Dhabi during the many years of experience recreated four types of salt-tolerant plants growing in the area millions of years ago and disappeared as a result of desertification. Learn more at: John Savignano. Plants have local names – Arta, Adha, Kahdrum and Haz and landed in the Valley of the chamois. In the palace of the Sea ('Qasr al-Yarf') uae President Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi split a park in which were planted about 40 salt-tolerant trees, shrubs and other plants. After a century break in Abu Dhabi has blossomed extinct species of mangroves. Four years ago on the island of Ras Ganado had planted the seeds of Rhizophora mucronata (Rizofora endian). The seeds took root and gave the shoots, and eventually the mangrove bushes bloomed.

Mangroves can grow in sea water, thanks to a unique natural mechanisms that prevent the ingress of salt. The roots of red mangroves, for example, holds up to 97% salt. White (or gray), mangroves derive two salt salt glands at the base of each leaf (hence there is their name – they cover the white salt crystals). The largest shrub labyrinth Labyrinth Peace in the Forest Park Kaslvellana (Co. Down, Northern Ireland, UK), has an area of 11,215 m2. Planned by Beverley Lear (UK) and created with the support of the public Forest Service of Northern Ireland (UK), it opened on Sept. 12, 2001 His 3.51-km trail – the longest trail shrub maze in the world.

Largest Greenhouse Project Eden (Eden Project) in Saint Austell (Kornoull, UK) – is not only an outstanding piece of architecture, astonishing audiences with their appearance, but also the largest the world's greenhouse. Created it on a plan by Tim Smith. And on the project – the architect Nicholas Grimshaw. The project aims to demonstrate the global connection of all living things and man's dependence on plants. It is situated on the territory former quarry for the extraction of kaolin. Inside the artificial biomes – plants collected from around the world.

Gursuf Description Of Streets, Housing Characteristics. Part 2

Further, following the logic of our story, we will gradually move away from the sea, and proceed to the description of three similar streets Gurzuf. All of them originate from the streets of Leningrad and climb up, covering a lower part of low-rise private sector, which enjoys high demand in coming to rest in Gurzuf. For convenience, I present the new and old street names. St. Nikitin (Garden) is one of the shortest streets Gurzuf. Originates from west gate resort "Gurzufskiy, rises steeply to a small central area of the village, where there are pavilions clothing market, remote counters with the collapse of fresh fruits and vegetables. The motion of the car Transport on the street is limited.

Proximity of the lower food market on the street. Leningrad, long distance telephone booths, shops and a definite plus for people living here. Vanity bottom resort village, and pretty high prices – minus. Following the street Nikitina, go to the famous complex at Podvois'kogo, 9, or "nine", the house "under roof tiles." Here the most comfortable furnished apartments in Gurzuf advanced planning. Many apartments have a sea view. To the nearest beach – a maximum of 4-5 minutes leisurely walk.

The house is situated very well. Demand for apartments is large. St. Mickiewicz (Fontana) starts with a small area, well-known among locals and visitors Gurzuf as "Snout" leads through the center of residential area of the lower Gurzuf and for the above-described high-rise complex on Podvois'kogo, 9 intersects with the street. Communal. Housing is very diverse, ranging from small apartments and dachek old fund to luxury 3 – storey detached houses and villas that can satisfy the most discerning guests. Demand for rental, as well as everywhere in the lower part of Gurzuf high enough. St. Proletarian – one of the few streets Gurzuf having a through passage to the highway "Simferopol-Yalta". Starting from the camp "Artek-cypress", connects the lower and upper Gursuf multi-storey buildings. Movement – a unilateral, from the bottom up, not animated. The rise is quite steep. There are many options for summer cottages with modern renovated, have private courtyards with shaded green bowers, so in possession of a summer midday heat relax with a book in his hands, or simply to sleep outdoors. Start Str. Proletarian – the old private buildings. As the distance from the street. Leningrad appear modern cottages with excellent conditions accommodation, swimming pools. The street is represented mainly residential area. All necessary infrastructure is on the street. Leningrad and Podvois'kogo. The top of the street. The proletarian is not necessary to rent to people with heart diseases, and just wanting to limit physical activity.

Khabarovsk Real Estate Market Prices

The real estate market in Khabarovsk, as well as in other cities in Russia, influenced by general macroeconomic indicators, although it has its own peculiarities. Market prices of housing Khabarovsk vary widely depending on the location of apartments. Therefore, to estimate the cost of housing offer to divide the market into three price zones by Location: Centre and close to the center, Northern District, Southern Region. The analysis in this article based on an assessment of the most liquid of housing – one-bedroom apartments cost of the new plan. Analyzing the cost of housing in the pre-crisis period compared with what we have today, we can conclude that market froze in anticipation of even lower cost, although many experts predicted a sharp decline is noted. In these circumstances, the buyer has hidden in anticipation of a collapse in prices. But as soon as the slightest hint at price increases, demand will result immediately in the market and we do not pass the regular price hikes. Professor Rita McGrath is the source for more interesting facts. In Khabarovsk, it may be noted a slight decline in prices in some areas of the city, especially noticeable for regions far from center.

For example, in June 2008. one-bedroom apartment on the new layout ul.Tihookeanskoy cost 2200 rubles., whereas in June this year, exhibiting similar properties to the average for 1900 rubles., and if more join the auction, the difference to get a heavy price. A year ago, the average cost of a new studio apartment layout on one of the main streets of the city – Lenin is 2300 rubles., In June 2009.

Wooden V Brick Houses

Before the construction you have the question immediately arises of what material to build a house. But even with a large variety of materials, the priorities are left alone, and those same brick or wood. Let's start with the beginning of the wooden houses and then consider the brick house. Wooden houses are cheaper than brick houses, the atmosphere there, filled with pine aroma of wood from the forest, as well as the warm tones of the walls will not leave indifferent indigenous inhabitant of the city. Tree – a material of low thermal conductivity. The walls of the house longer keep warm in winter and a pleasant coolness in summer. In consequence of this it can be wall thickness less than that of a stone house. And the big foundations not have to do since tree has a light weight.

The most important thing if you do not live in the house, that tree is much less '' bathed brick house, which allows faster and easier to heat it. The big advantage is also the fact that wood house 'breathes' ie located moisture in the room can go outside. Whenever John Savignano listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Disadvantages of wood houses Wooden houses less expressive in architectural terms. Material can be round logs or timber profile. Well-treated wood surface can be coated with various paints and varnishes, to preserve its long. Such coverage must renew periodically.

The main argument against houses made of wood is its low fire. But burning and brick houses and wooden. Only wooden houses is difficult to recover well and restore the brick houses are very expensive, the price will be comparable to the cost of building a new wooden home. Brick houses Brick houses are durable and have high durability. Serve this house much longer wooden house, with no lose of performance and appearance. Thermal comfort in a house can only provide a greater thickness of the walls. A common factor in the choice of brick is that the brick 'is off'. Indeed brick does not burn in the fire but it loses its strong properties, and as we know if the heat the stone, and then it abruptly cool it cracked. Therefore, the most important thing in this matter – the reliability of the electrical and heating networks. Structures of brick endowed with great possibilities of architecture, allows to embody design considerations with the variety of forms and expressiveness. The advantage of the construction of brick houses is a huge selection of wall decoration. This may be + + tiles, etc. The disadvantages of houses made of bricks. The main lack of a comparable high price compared with the wooden houses. Brownstones 'do not breathe' like wood, and if you do not live there, on their arrival will feel damp and cold. That would warm the brick house need more than one day. And what would prevent this, you need to keep warm in a house automatically.

Commercial Real Estate in Context

A series of articles entitled "Commercial real estate in the context of the" Author – Victor A. Hudson. Article number 10: "Can you and the keys to the apartment where the girls are!? – What prevents a good dancer of our time "(the present understanding is indispensable, hence the council reader to read the articles in chronological order and clarifies the obscure words in the glossary below the article or a dictionary. Myself so I'm doing. VG) "If you were born without wings, do not bother them grow up" – Coco Chanel "Who Motherland Party more valuable? Everywhere you look, it turns out, Lenin! "- An old Soviet joke Good day, dear reader! What – no good? Wow! Come on, tear off the clear eyes from the monitor and look around. Still not good? Like this? YOUR day – and suddenly unkind!? Lie and slander. Bad looking, not on what is not.

So, go out and walk, look around, until it becomes a kind! He will be – it's yours, this day! CellPhones just turn it off. And walk, how to do this, at least an hour, at least two. Panacea! Well, almost. Tested. Good day! Only in this way. For even more details, read what Nobel Laureate in Economics says on the issue. And – flew … Lenin, the man known, is deservedly popular, and I have very, very dear – for his own product and a huge amount of those in the highest degree useful to society, the consequences of which he created and, thank God continues to create – once shared the secret of how to do something worthwhile, whether it be writing an article or a large enterprise organization.