Short Term Apartmental Rental

Since I'm finishing my apartment for a long time, it has accumulated great experience that I want to share with you. I have given you advice about who to take luxury apartments at night, not as a surrender. Immediately newcomers want to say – to write messages with phrases: "apartments Minsk" useless, thousands of these ads, and tenants are aware that all this scam, which is not maintained. So, let us who take the apartment on the day. 1. It is better to take the apartments are family or a girl, woman.

Single person – it's usually noisy parties in your apartment. 2. Safer to take the apartment people of Slavic appearance, called the people now "Russified. It is not in any way racist, but conscious choice, because people east of nationality or Caucasian. As a rule, a lot of relatives who will often visit your apartment, and on holidays it's not 3-4 and 8-10. Do you need this in the apartment? I think that no. The only plus is that people from the Caucasus, an apartment can be turned to more expensive, but it's your decision. 3.

When transferring money using a receipt. 'I (full name, passport series) gave (name, passport series) such a sum on a certain date', so will be calmer and you, and tenants. 4. Be sure to acquaint tenants with neighbors, you do not need to neighbor grandmother called the district to find out who lives opposite her. 5. Keep tenants Phones neighbors, utilities and other useful information. This emergency will help them quickly understand the situation and you are just a plus. 6. If you rent an apartment to yourself, be sure to ask for copies passport, ask the job and write down their phone numbers. In some cases it is necessary and you will not need to explain who lived in your apartment. 7. Do not be afraid to pass the flat visitor man from the provinces, they are usually very conscientious attitude to things, and value their reputation as well as moving them to compare with the fire. 8. Do not raise rents as soon as the jump rental prices, it can affect your attitude toward tenants, and They next month will move from you, you get what you earned for that month for $ 50 more, and next month apartment just stood empty, it is better to increase the rent by the month in March saying that prices have risen, and must themselves understand. that it has become necessary to increase the rent. It's a few tips to rent luxury apartments did not make you worry about what her condition will be a month of good tenants hard to find, but nevertheless they too are looking good to them. So look for and treat them as an object, which is for your attitude towards it will pay the rent

Property: Buying And Selling

Here we present the details of the parties' agreement specifies details of the seller and buyer, gives a detailed description of the property, stated price of the object, accompanied by a statement of the seller the absence or presence of mortgage debt and other onerous payment, provides data on the limitation of property rights, if any, and other specified party details. The preliminary contract is usually signed by the privately between the parties. Many writers such as Robert Shiller offer more in-depth analysis. At this stage, the buyer makes a down payment of 10% – 30% of property value. If the buyer does not wish to continue the transaction, but already signed il compromesso, he loses the amount of the deposit. If the seller does not intend to become more involved in the deal after signing il compromesso, he pays the buyer the amount of the deposit twice the amount (Articles 1385 and 1386 Civil Code of Italy). Stage design tentative agreement also is not required at closing. The parties may go directly to the contract of sale of real estate by a notary. Typically, a preliminary contract is concluded, if we are talking about large sums, and the deal is extended in time.

The main contract of sale after signing the preliminary contract of sale proceeds to the verification of the notary of the property for legal clarity. On it usually takes about two months. After that there is signing the main contract of sale before a notary public. A notary is required to read the contract aloud and to eliminate variability in the misunderstanding of all its points before the parties put their signatures.

Update Code

Sooner or later every company there is a need to purchase an office or industrial building in the property. And if you are currently diverting considerable sums for the purchase impossible or ineffective? Rises question – to take a loan or leasing contract. Tishman Speyer takes a slightly different approach. But banks are not always give the "long" loans, often at the borrower does not have enough security. Then the company's management may want to invest non-residential premises for lease. SPLIT Constantine, a leading expert-specialist of registration of non-residential premises and the interaction with the major holders of the Federal Registration Service Kirov Oblast Scientific and technical progress the sphere of production, the transition to a market economy, changes in economic conditions and economic relations made it necessary to find and implement innovative methods Update logistics and modification of fixed assets. One such non-traditional methods of our country is leasing. By the same author: Bruce Schanzer.

Currently, leasing relations in Russia are governed by paragraph 6 of Sec. 34 (Articles 665-670) of the Civil Code, the general provisions of section 1 of Ch. 34 of the Civil Code and the Federal Law of 29.10.98 164-FZ "On Financial Rental (Leasing)" (hereinafter – the Law on Leasing). In this case the provisions of the lease shall be applied only to the extent not contrary to the general provisions of the Civil Code on leases and the special rules on the leasing agreement, as the relevant provisions of the Civil Code does not provide for the adoption of any legal acts aimed at the special resolution of the sphere of property relations.