Terrestrial Ways

20. Without damage of the made use one in special law, the insurances are obligator of: ) the bodily injuries the passengers of commercial aircraft; b) responsibility civilian of the proprietors of automachine vehicles of ways terrestrial, fluvial, lacustrine and maritime, of aircraft and the transporters in general; c) civil liability of the constructor of property in urban zones for damages the people or things; d) goods given in guarantee of loans of public financial institutions; e) guarantee of the fulfilment of the obligations of the incorporator and constructor of property; f) guarantee of the payment in charge of borrower of the civil construction, also real estate obligation; g) buildings divided in independent units; h) fire and transport of pertaining the legal people, situated goods in the country or it carried. 3 the obligator insurances had been created with purpose to guarantee the victim repairing of the actual damage for the insured, as in the contract cases of civil liability of automachine vehicles and the transporters in general; civil liability of the constructor of property in urban zones for damages the people or the things, etc. In 07 of December of 1967, through the decree law n 61,867, established the obligator insurance for automachine vehicles, that the time the name received from RECOVAT Civil liability of the Proprietors of Automachine Vehicles of Terrestrial Ways, this foresaw in its article 5 that the physical and legal people, of public law or private, proprietor of any vehicles related in arts. 52 and 63 of the Law n 5,108, of 21/09/1966, referring to the National Code of Transit, are obliged to hold them, how much to the decurrent civil liability of its existence or use. 4 Later, had the revocation of the law of the Recovat, and with this, law 6,194 of 19 of December of 1974 was edited creating Safe from Bodily injuries caused by automachine vehicles of Terrestrial Ways, which received the name from DPVAT, this insurance has for objective the covering of death, permanent invalidity and expenditures of medical assistance of decurrent damages of automotivos accidents, and not properly a safe from civil liability.

The House

There I slept and only woke up to catch drunk more and to go in the bathroom, did not eat nothing. The young woman who worked in the house is that she made everything and my aunt who when passing one week came to live with us. I entered in deep depression, I tried suicide. They had been ninety days of terror. I did not die because the angel of the guard who was my aunt did not leave.

I bought poison for rat, it saw and watching it was me without I to know it caught and me in the hour that went to drink the poison. Almost mount of a scare. It wanted to die exactly. The only good thing that it was in me of those ninety days was to the souvenir of the mother of it. It took care of of me as who takes care of of a son, even better, I not age nothing of it. It was human being, generous, solidary My only brother visited always me. It never said nothing. But jeitinho of it arrived there with that one (it is only silenced, is hearing and a time for another one laughs.

Rare it speaks and when it says some thing is with wisdom), only with the eyes it said: ' ' return, we are with homesicknesses of you, independent of what you fizestes' '. It passed its thought with as much affection. I by everything. I always understood better the people for the look of what for the words. will be blind? I understand for the floor, for the skill to gesture the arms Below of God and in gratefulness to that the mother of it always made and he said: – he comes back toward its parents, my son does not have future. Another one lady who praid in me it more than passed thirty days with a group of conjuncts making for me.

The Nokian

This saving fuel and moisture-safe summer tyre is suitable for smaller cars and drivers who want to assess future technologies and have the best fuel efficiency and secure grip. Munear Ashton Kouzbari may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Modern cars contain high-end technology and a hundred different raw materials. They consist of a complex combination of physics, nanotechnology and advanced materials, which all have their exact job description. We chose a completely new approach in the development of the Nokian eLine tire of the next Generation. Low rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption and solid wet grip not mutually, we have recognized.

It is possible to maximize both properties, without harming the balanced synthesis of the arts of the tyre at the same time. This completely new structure decisions were necessary changes the tread geometry and use of modern technologies of Gummimischungs,”explains Juha Pirhonen, product development manager of Nokian tyres, the Nordic premium brand. Six sizes of the Nokian eLine in 15 and 16 inch of speed category T (190 km/h) and H (210 km/h) are already available from the tires. Photos nokian-eline summer tires goes to the tip with aa rating according to eu-reifenlabel and used-future technology-nokian-photo-310.jpg caption: the new Nokian eLine summer tyres achieved the AA-top-rating for fuel consumption and wet grip according to EU-tire label with future technology for smaller cars photo: Nokian tires photos downloads Nokian eLine summer tires: NokianeLine Nokian tyres the test winner in the summer tyre tests 2012 already are the predecessors of the new summer tires from Nokian multiple test winner, offer high security and save fuel.

Telematics Awards

It collects all the telematics providers, the is an annual examination in technology, service and Have provided successful support. This test is made by a top-class jury, which look very closely as the value of the technology as well as to assess the offered services and support is. “Uncomplicated support as a prerequisite in the TOP LIST of telematics” listed telematics provider but also distinguished, having its headquarters or a legal establishment in the German-speaking area. This is for local buyers in if very important, since they want to assume that they can take the service and on-site service support in addition to a proven technology. Within the TOPLIST of telematics”, the media group telematics Markt.de orientation has also established a ranking, which takes into account in the course of a year won practice tests for a user and the TELEMATIK award ceremony. In this respect all tested telematics providers have always the possibility to break the input alphabetically arranged order within this list and to position a test victory at the user or the profit of the Telematics Awards at one of the front seats. The TELEMATIK Award and its impact on the ranking within the TOP LIST with this year’s presentation of the Telematics Awards for the area of human telematics, which secures a high score of all the winners, a new ranking within the online guided TOPLIST of telematics arose again in 2013″.

All providers within the TOPLIST of telematics have until the next award of the Telematics Awards 2014, then for the range of vehicle telematics is written out and as usual presented at the IAA commercial vehicles in Hanover,”the chance to improve the rankings with a test victory on a user. All user testing will be unaffected by the participating providers of telematics and also only by journalists of the independent trade journal telematics Markt.de and researched. Readers can always assume that the published reports a objective view on the victorious test system and the opinion of the user point and represents no subjective consideration of the respective provider. Message telematik-markt.