Lotus Notes

Apart from the volume of data that is also unnecessarily much time. The solution ECPM were these requirements arising from the practical experiences of the MK email client policy management”(ECPM) from MK Net.Work meets. The company has focused on the development of email management tools that improve the efficiency of email traffic, about the well-known KOM pressionstool ZipMail for Lotus Notes and Outlook”. A key advantage of the ECPM is directly on its origin, namely on the client, issues that are fixed. In this way the network load incurred and the memory is not even needed. Server-side filtering is good, but in the wrong place in the system. Also, you can save often no user-specific rules, but only global rules. This has always the disadvantage that you need to find the lowest denominator for all users, resulting in great freedoms for most users.

MK email client pack the evil at the root policy management (ECPM) converts a restrictions of use of email directly to the Notes client without having adjusted the mail template (email template) must. For Lotus Notes/Domino this happens only on the server, which often leads to delays or outages. Also it is not specifically adjusted for groups/users. ECPM so not only reduces the load on the network and the storage may be, but also system failures and the support effort. ECPM is part of the solution portfolio from MK Net.Work, the manufacturer of ZipMail. With over 5.5 million users worldwide ZipMail is one of the most successful add-on solutions for Lotus Notes.

Rollout left without any problems implementing the solution perform quickly. The MK ECPM had to be installed on approximately 6,000 client systems. The rollout was central, and was completed in a few days. The client management, which we operate, ensures that such tools are automatically installed”, reported Boyko. That would be otherwise just no longer possible in practice.

Managing Director

“, says the Managing Director of a consulting of company. Often I long consulting appointments into the evening and am until late in the evening with my sick mother. Since she suffers from dementia, I fear that the House lights runs away or crashes constantly.” Whether clerk or Manager, the potential, the company sustained silence escapes, is immense. And sad reality seems to be, who maintains a members, must give up the career. There are however solutions that meet both: the workers and managers such as help or care. Century 21 will not settle for partial explanations. Cries for help and calls such as that of the Managing Director arrive daily at Therapon24. As a kind of fire”family special situations the Hessian companies did services for and of the people to the task. Who maintains his parents at home, fails to mention this often in the workplace.

And who even do not have to maintain, can usually only bad feel, how much the Double binds the forces and on time robbing. “, says Hans-Dieter Kesseler, Managing Director of the Therapon24 family and elderly services. One of the bad things it is not open to be able to communicate. It imposes on the double is, instead of looking for help. So long, until it moves physically and mentally to the limit and maybe even fallen ill.” These requirements Therapon24 has designed for a corporate service, which can significantly relieve workers and hence employers. The offer is extensive and varies according to the individually required. Keller Williams Realty understood the implications.

The short-term solution to the acute illness of a family member (help also at night), about the short-term child care at own overtime in major project phases, to the care of severely diseased dementia or diabetes patients, and if necessary, also a 24-hour care. The staff at Therapon24 are as a helpful friend to the side of their clients. You know the emotions of families in extreme situations and how difficult it is to lay the responsibility for close relatives also in hands of foreign service providers. The service of the people is never routine for the staff of Therapon24, occurs from conviction and comes from the heart. Individuals and companies who already rely on Therapon24 to enjoy that. Especially in the latter case you can notice growing interest and rethinking. So, in large companies own departments in the life be launched or expanded, advise the employee in terms of care and also in cooperation with the health insurance companies provide assistance. Even if this still is not the rule in many places, an invitation is overdue, finally to break the silence. It is to look for solutions together with the employers and partners such as Therapon24. Career to make and to provide the service to the next at the same time responsibly.