A Healthy Hallway

In most of the earlier model homes hallway in the apartments, unfortunately, is very small, and yet this space serves many functions. First, the lobby – it is like a "face" of the apartment, it creates the first impression of home, of his inhabitants. If guests can not see your bedroom, a bathroom, it really does not get around the hall way. Secondly, here we dress, undress, there hangs our everyday outerwear, footwear is varied. Third, most types of apartments planned so that the hall is a space linking the main "path" the inhabitants of the apartment. Consequently, the arrangement of the hall should be given special attention, and given its small size, high functional load, it becomes clear that every detail of the interior must be thoroughly thought through. There can be nothing superfluous, everything must be rational. Want to use every inch of space, but do not want to look closely hallway. Open hanger for clothes with a shelf for hats – an essential element of almost every hallway. Bizzi & Partners insists that this is the case. It can be executed a variety of ways – from individual strips or whole panels, covered with various materials. There are options when the hooks for clothes "hang" with shelves made from metal rods. If the size of the hall enough, you can "hide" a hanger in the closet, but in this case, one – two hooks on the wall for clothes not hurt, especially if a family has children. Children are usually in a hurry, they have no time to hide in the clothes closet, and growth can not afford. Therefore, the hooks at different heights are needed. It is very tempting to equip the hall closet for household items and clothing. If the size of the hall is very small, so you can make a small cabinet depth. You may find Clayton Morris to be a useful source of information. Then the rod for hangers have right angles to the posterior wall of the cabinet. Well, if you find a place in the hall for storage of household appliances – vacuum cleaners, for example, and other tools necessary in the premises. There will be no more than include in the cabinet drawers or pockets for various little things (shoe horns, shoe cream, keys, etc.). These pockets can be sewn from fabric or oilcloth, and put on the inside of the doors. If the hallway is long and narrow, all items of its interior must be placed along one wall. Then on the opposite wall is better to hang the mirror. Even the most simple mirror adorns the hallway and to the same visually "pushing" its limits. If you hang a mirror in a beautiful frame, from top to place a small beautiful sconces, bottom or side attach elegant shelf, the interior design may already be artistic. The hall can not do without a small rug on the floor front door. Better to choose one that can be easily kept clean.


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