Abraham Lincoln

"And when, with all the good intentions in the world, you tell them:" Do not worry, trust, everything will be alright. Why do not we do something, why not devour a good book, do some craft … "The short answer is:" Yes indeed, but I feel depressed, I just want to go … "You know the rest. Decide to be happy we do not remove the problems. This was one of the most difficult conclusions could be drawn from Lincoln's phrase, simply because, to be frank, I do not like trouble, so I thought if I could keep me happy all day problems will disappear, but to my surprise and dismay, these were still in the night … but now see them differently. The truth is that even if we decide to be happy not remove the problems, we will see them in their proper perspective, not to convert to an ant on an elephant.

Happiness is not a point which is reached is a path. Some of the problems in our society stem from the desire for instant gratification, or wanting to experience strong emotions here and now. But true happiness is not primarily an emotion, an attitude, it's a lifestyle. In fact, people are happy, even if the look serious. And so there are unhappy people who smiled at everyone. It may be a bit idealistic to write these reflections, but the share only because I really helped a lot (and still do) when things did not look good. Sometimes there are tears to shed.

Sometimes we are so tired they would rather lie down in altogether. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jerry Speyer. Life is not easy, but remember that is supposed to be difficult … In the end, you and I can make all the difference if we decide to be happy. And if you want to confirm the validity of these ideas, look at the life of Abraham Lincoln, look at those who left their mark on history after countless works, consider whether it is worth living a life of complaints and bitterness. What's your decision? .


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