Activities Of Montana

The province of Mendoza offers the ideal framework for the practice of all kinds of sports and mountain activities. Hotel in Mendoza has strategically located lodgings to enjoy the sporting possibilities and adventure of the landscape of the province. One of the activities preferred by tourism in Mendoza is undoubtedly the escalation. To do this, the province has excellent vertical walls, the majority of pink granite. Expert on growth strategy contributes greatly to this topic. Arenales area with its more than 150 rock climbing routes, constitutes the climbing surface in most large and important province rock. Rock climbing can be combined in Mendoza with the adrenaline of the rappel, or descent with ropes. Up to 40 m high mountain walls guarantee a unique and exhilarating experience.

The mountain walls that border rivers also offer the ideal setting for the practice of canopy, this voyage through cables with Rails which both seems to fly. All these activities can be combined in a single day with a trekking (walk) short and a decline by the torrential Atuel River in inflatable rafts rafting. Mendoza hotels located in the areas suitable for the practice of these activities offer different hiking options to its guests. But also the Mendoza capital hotels tend to assemble excursion packages to enjoy the adrenaline of a day of nature and mountain. Deal with activities that attract by especially to young people, the tourist areas adventure tend to focus a significant part of the Mendoza Hotels at prices more affordable and cost-effective.

The hostels, campsites and Inns of montana are common there too. Only 70 km. from the city of Mendoza, the silver cord is the mandatory appointment to start in mountaineering. This mountain range, with its landscapes of incredible beauty, it is the ideal school for dare then with older, as the perpetually frozen volcano Tupungato or challenges the majestic Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas. With its peaks of between 6000 and 3000 m high, lace of Silver provides Furthermore a framework of exception for lovers of the high mountain trekking. During the months of December and March, finally, tourism in Mendoza reserve in addition to its visitors an exciting surprise: nothing less than the ability to recreate, on foot or on horseback, the historic voyage of General San Martin across the Andes. Original author and source of the article.


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