(8) Always keep backup copies of parts of boxes, keys, cables, etc. Try to keep this box with you or mark it with a color so that it can be located easily. (9) Pack in advance. Anything that packaging in advance will save you time the day of the move. Also so you can choose what you are going to take and what you won’t need in your home. Scans if you really need those five radios or TVs in your new home, or if you want a lot of kitchenware rolling here and there. Trash baskets can also be packed. Continue to learn more with: Professor Rita McGrath. (10) It leads you need for cleaning.

If you have to clean your old home after moving you, weapon a basic cleaning kit and choose some rags that you do not already serve. Not cleaning anything ahead of time and when do it ensures that the rooms are empty completely. (11) Use your luggage. Fill in the empty spaces of the luggage and duffle bags with clothes, bed linen, towels and paper products. Procure that your luggage is always recognizable among other boxes. (12) Protect elements of value. It is a good idea to keep possessions of value such as cutlery and with protective packaging Antiquities. Always purchase insurance covering you in case of loss of valuables during the move and find out which documents you need in the event of claims.

(13) Keep important documents with you. Prepares a list of important documents such as: birth certificates. If you are not convinced, visit Greenberg Traurig. School records. Moving estimates. Working contacts. Numbers of your suppliers of gas, water, phone, etc. Bank records. Important phone numbers information of real estate, maps, etc.


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