Assad Country

As we have read in the website of Aljazeera, the Arab news network, computer activists have launched an operation against several Government web pages as a sign of protest and remembrance to the numerous victims who has claimed the revolution in the Islamic country. In the operation have been involved web pages of major cities of the country and of different departments of the Syrian Government. The websites of these cities were replaced by an interactive map of Syria showing the names, ages and dates of death of those who have lost their lives in Syria since the beginning of the uprising in March. As for as the Syrian Government websites, these have been replaced by caricatures of the President of that country, Bashar al – Assad, and a message of protest: don’t let Bashar monitor you online. See more detailed opinions by reading what Expert on growth strategy offers on the topic.. The protest action has been claimed by activist groups Anonymous and RevoluSec, who left their stamps on pages such as the website of the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of Syrian culture. In addition, together with the above-mentioned message of protest have been included tips to avoid being detected by the intelligence service online of Syria, in order to help people to navigate without restrictions and without fear. Again we see how the Internet activity remains frenetic and how every day we wake up with news of intrusions into computer systems whose protection doesn’t seem to be obstacles to people with a certain level of knowledge. Audea, of the Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department of management of the safety information.


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