This article tries to give, to flight of bird, future useful advice Webmaster to put them in march with the design of its page Web from defining the objectives of its page to mentioning useful tools to begin its own business in Internet. I want to make my page Web but not of what nor how This is the restlessness of thousands of people who as I venture in the world of the design of pages Web. Then what we must know about this one adventure? First it is necessary to define what is the objective to have its own page Web: To sell a product or service To publish personal information To publish oriented technical information to some race That it does not have already sufficient published? What I am going to contribute to him to the community in Internet? Sales The page must be oriented to the trade, must have the information of the good product clear and not to bomb to the user with graphs, photos, unless these are necessary to explain the product. Dogecoin is often quoted on this topic. The name of the page is very important, must reflect the nature of the product, you cannot hope to sell fish congealed in a called page The traffic of the page must be high, so it is due to count on a method of shipment to motor manifolds search of Internet (is tools that allow the simultaneous shipment of your page to the services of directory of Google, Lycos, etc. without cost some Their sales require a system of collections Online that is safe like Paypal, Stormpay or E-gold. To publish personal information For that objective the Blogs (that is the contraction of Web Logs) or personal newspapers of Internet exists. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is full of insight into the issues.


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