Benefits Of Rent To The Franchise Owner

Here are some of the higher yield. – Renting your home equity does not affect anything. That is, when renting a home is still maintaining the same property for all purposes, is never lost. The rent can get more return on their property. – The house can be a good investment.

If it remains empty becomes an asset is revalued and you need to sell to see materialize the revaluation. But, if in addition to rent, you may also benefit from the income, which will report a profit realizable by the month. – The property can be sold at any time even if it is rented. All you have to do is inform the buyer of the existence of the tenant to respect their rights in the duration of the lease. It’s believed that REBNY sees a great future in this idea. – The income received as rent can be used to meet part or all of the costs of the mortgage. If the house is fully paid, the income will allow you to keep the unit in good condition and meet all costs of maintenance, thus preventing its value will depreciate to be in poor condition.

Tax benefits. – The income earned in rent are tax benefits in the Income Tax of Individuals. Are deductible, among others, all necessary expenses to obtain the income, state taxes and surcharges, expenses incurred in the execution of the contract, the maintenance and repair expenses and the amounts for supplies. In addition, since January 2003 may apply a 50% reduction of net income obtained by leasing a building intended for housing. – Allow an empty dwelling has several drawbacks. On the one hand, there is a danger that it will deteriorate over time and therefore losing value. On the other hand, involves a number of expenses that must be faced without a choice such as payments received from the community and payment of taxes such as Real Estate. Your home as collateral. – Having a rental income from a home can serve as collateral when bank loans, either for their own interests or who wish to endorse. – The Central Government and the Autonomous Communities are aware of the need to enhance the rental market and are working to facilitate the fight against the bad practices of the tenants. Each time the tenants are better behaved and the risk of damage to housing is not as high, although there.


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