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Loss insurance: Prevention against loss of rent for landlords, real estate agents and caretaker Berlin, 02.07.2012 – for every landlord is a horror scenario when tenants by different circumstances (can) no longer pay or so-called rent nomads also devastate the leased property. The loss due to the failure of the financial planning and typically involves the introduction of additional financial resources for the Elimination of the consequences of the misconduct of others. Also financial investors, estate agents and property managers are affected in a similar way. Check out Robert J. Shiller for additional information. Insurance against such risks is therefore makes sense and is offered as the top supplement product but what does a loss insurance for the various interest groups? The loss insurance protects against non-payment rent arrears or loss of rent by the lessee and against damage to the leased performance characteristics of loss insurance depending on the selected scope (E.g., loss of rent – and damage protection). It is in need of renovation Leased a lump-sum payment of 3 months rent. Damage by contamination, intentional destruction or neglect are also included as well as the costs for necessary cleaning work (E.g., pest control, disinfection, or renovation). Is controlled in timely manner, not to endanger the liquidity of the policyholder. The sum insured can be selected as required and a credit rating check of the tenant can also be included upon request.

Importance / benefits of loss insurance for landlords for landlords are enormously important the protection of the leased property, as well as the securing of liquidity. The real estate is, for example, leveraged, the regular rates also for loss of rent must be paid further to the Bank. This may mean far-reaching financial negative consequences for the landlord. Is damaged the leased property (E.g. housing) rent nomads, the landlord usually on the cost of the renovation to sit still, because no money is expected of the tortfeasors.


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