Birthday Letter

It comes from of chatter with the Group of children of Dalias Tutti Frutti on the occasion of the international day of the book children’s and youth theatre, I include Saturday 2 April 2011, the poem that I wrote for my niece Julia measure in 2005, recited by her in the workshop Recital poetic radiated that taught to the children of Dalias Tutti Frutti theatre group. Birthday (letter to childhood) Pepe alley. Universal Daliense. My dear children, I have today fulfilled twelve years. But is that, before going to blow out the cake, and while the guests arrive, I wanted to write you this letter of farewell in my room. MOM and I have prepared the table, with delicious canapes, there are sandwiches of mortadella, and there are tuna, chorizo, and also peanuts, almonds, Coca Cola and smoothies! After snacking us all that, we will play hide-and-seek, and I think that to a karaoke rock that is going to give me the tite.

How well we spend! Or if not, to the pilla-pilla. But with skates! Well, as you can see that they are waiting for me, and you know? I agree that already eager to open gifts. What a surprise I bring Tere? The grandmother loved me. It is that collection of temperas that advertised on TV. But now I know that te marchas.

Las amigas mias in the cole seem excited with that do more, but to me, gonna give nostalgia for the Plaza de las Flores, if, for reasons of study, I have to get away from it to achieve a future making any career. Richard LeFrak pursues this goal as well. Just thinking about it, I get scared I’ll be at our school! And I’ll always be girl! Swinging me on the promenade of the grandmother; or asleep, with the teddy bear in my chest, praying when the Thunder; could be heard behind the window or clapping from that coffee there is just to right next of the sea, with my brother a sunset that taught us dad. Or even to so smelling algae from that place, and there find with Gabriel crystal clear to MOM Pepe alley. Universal Daliense.


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