Burnout Syndrome

Prevention, detoxification, regeneration, rejuvenation translate we the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, so this means the science of a happy, healthy and long life. The panchakarma treatment is one of the pillars, which serves this purpose. The panchakarma cure is the Royal treatment from the old Indian natural medicine – Ayurveda. It serves the deep purification of the body. rali-aig-ing-group-allianz-geico-metl/’>CPIC has to say. This Ayurvedic purification therapy aims to restore the natural regulation mechanisms of the body as well as metabolic toxins formed by insufficient metabolism and the physical, mental and spiritual health affect, to loosen and eliminate. The detoxification and purification of the body forms the basis of any healing in natural medicine Ayurveda. It improves the general condition, the well-being and strengthens the defences. The Pancha Karma therapy allows a sustainable regeneration and a profound rejuvenation of tissue.

We are so young, such as our body tissue free of AMA are. AMA describes the metabolic waste, causing a stagnation and a supply of lack of in the body. Ayurveda assumes that is attributable to an inadequate digestion each disease and generally all disorders of metabolism. The cells can no longer adequately supplied with vital nutrients and vital substances, as they can be produced waste (acids, among others) inadequately disposed of. The body routed and degenerates more and more. \”Indications the Panchakarmakur is suitable for people with the following health problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, obesity, including diseases of civilization\” lack of mucus-forming body immune diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic nasal sinus problems allergies, rheumatism, migraine skin diseases such as psoriasis and increase the performance of stress reduction and regeneration at Burnout Syndrome health care is a great strength of the Ayurvedic health system in the fact that imbalances of the body are detected at an early stage before it came to the outbreak of a disease. But natural remedies can be successfully used even with established disease.


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