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Others directions about keeping the bar the average area of 15 to 25 hectare. Gorky stands out only direction – the average slightly above 10 hectare – the direction of apparent economy class. According to experts in this market, demand currently concentrated in small areas of 10-20 hectare for private habitation within a radius of 40-60 km from Moscow. According to them, now buyers are looking for cheap land for construction of affordable homes. In addition, strong demand this spring, steel use the land for 10-15 hectare for “good” areas of no more than 50 km from Moscow. Greenberg Traurig often addresses the matter in his writings. In second place – low variants of 6-8 hectare and more distant than 50 km from Moscow. Increasingly those who are willing to sacrifice distance for the sake of acquiring a much larger area – 20-30 hectare or more. The final stage of our work was to analyze and synthesize data on the average cost of land for country house construction in the zones and directions.

Once the reservation that we did not take into account the boundary proposals – both areas in rivers, ponds or the unique landscape of the name, farms, residences, and areas under the “potato”. The cost of parts segment Business +, usually in the range of 10-30 million rubles or more. The data obtained show that in the present market sellers offer land plots at a distance of 30 km in about 6 million rubles, distance of 60 km – up to 2,5-3 million rubles, and at a distance of 60 to 160 km is calculated on the amount of 1,5-1,7 million. In this case, potential buyers have the option to purchase the site for that amount – a smaller, but closer to, or greater, but far away. The average value of the cost of land is in the range 2,5-3 million. The greatest value of the average cost of land accounted for Volokolamskoye () direction. Reason – adopted the role of the prestigious areas (ecology, landscape, accessibility, infrastructure, etc.). Second place is occupied Kiev, and Yaroslavl direction, which are also considered to be prestigious, well mastered, and an almost all the popular segments of land (from economy to business + – areas near the water, under the estate or estates, etc.). The third group consists Dmitrovskoye Minsk and directions, which are also above average cost value. Other directions suggest areas for their average value from 1,5 to 2,5 million should immediately make a reservation, that this offer price. Market experts say that there is now a serious gap between the market price of the offer and willingness to pay a buyer at that price – it varies in the range of 15-50%. In addition, transactions in the secondary market, almost none. The reason – the owners-sellers are not willing to cut prices, many of them well so far and are in thrall to the pre-crisis prices. In reality, transactions are discounted an average of 10-20% of the declared value of the object, but for business and elitsegmentov seller can reduce the price to 35%. Given the data-lowering coefficients can be concluded by answering the questions posed at the beginning that the average strap value of land under the country house construction in the suburbs of 2-2,2 million rubles, and the range of proposed sites in the range of 1.4 million rubles. That’s how much, say developers, sellers, owners of the land today is ready (or should) spend an average medium-statistical potential buyer suburban area. It is logical that this value will be adjusted depending on the distance and direction of its location.


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