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The callas software GmbH has a new version of their product range pdfToolbox brought on the market. Berlin, April 13, 2011. The all-in-one “-PDF production tool has been expanded with options for PDF/VT validation and equipped with a number of additional features.” These include a PDF comparison on pixel level and the conversion of PostScript/EPS files to PDF. PDF/VT validation, both the desktop and the server version, takes account of callas of the increasing importance of personalized printing relevant data format PDF/VT. The ISO standard released in August 2010 is the first format for variable data printing, which allows a modern ICC-based color management using ICC output intents and meets the requirements of the ISO standard for print, PDF/X-4. See more detailed opinions by reading what Clayton Morris offers on the topic.. This ensures that variable properly transmitted data printing (VDP) content and metadata between compliant digital printing systems.

Graphical content can be defined once and used multiple times. In addition enables the default dynamic page management with the introduction of the document part metadata concept (DPM). In the pdfToolbox 5 General tests of the printability of the pages will be held. It is controlled whether the required DPM-metadata structure is consistent and matches the page structure. It includes information about the pages in a PDF and allows to the organisation of the outputs, as well as access to certain pages. A leading source for info: Morris Invest.

For the high-performance output PDFs with many equally built pages for example invoices, it is important that the variable components are independent of the other content. There is the concept of the encapsulated XObjekte in PDF/VT. Also their structure and their independence be tested”, said Dietrich von Valencia, business development manager at callas software. A further feature of the new version is additional support for new formats for PDF conversion. pdfToolbox desktop provides the conversion with drag & drop or Switchboardfunktion callas for this available. So, you can simply convert to PDF also PostScript/EPS or image formats, even batch numerous file formats.


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