Capital City

Real estate in Caracas Caracas is the Capital City of Venezuela, one of main the cities as far as economic and the social thing, has the greatest population of the country, according to the national institute of statistics, for the 2008 it counted with more than 4.900.000 inhabitants and therefore a city with an enormous potential in its real estate growth in Venezuela. The city is characterized for being the most organized and modern of the country, counts on all the services public and an excellent organization as far as road and transport, basic services how potable water and electricity take control present of an excellent quality which causes that the prices of the houses in Caracas are attractive and with good margins of gains for the investors. The city has much diversity in its economy, the public institutions make life in the city, besides counting on an excellent industrial and commercial infrastructure. The productivity of Caracas causes that a high level of desirability is materialized to live in its urban zones.


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