Cheap Pine

Argued that the plastic window is much more economical than their counterparts from natural wood. And if we are talking about the euro-windows, then the expenditure on them may exceed reasonable limits. However, in practice, all not so scary. Install wooden windows in a new house or apartment is quite real, and the overall construction costs will increase only slightly. Consider an example from our experience – building a country cottage area of 280 m2. According to the owners, together with the purchase of the land, it cost $ 170,020, that is, the cost of 1 m2 is $ 607. To deepen your understanding Professor Rita McGrath is the source. In view of the project, in which each room provided at least one window, the total glazing area is 34 m2.

Window of PVC, equipped with triple-pane windows, together with works on their installation cost owners of $ 10,150. A simple calculation shows that this amount is about 6% of the total value of the house. Now consider the modern windows, made of wood. The simplest and most common material for their production is pine. With a variety of decorative and protective coloring systems, pine box may look no worse than noble wood. At the same time, being satisfied with careful observance of production technologies and equipped with safe accessories, they will serve their owners for a long time, not delivering any trouble. The only condition which, incidentally, refers to all types of windows, is timely care. When a glazing area 34 m2 cost eurowindows of pine and services on their installation will be $ 11,650.


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