Long enough, I was going with his thoughts, so print this article. Scrolls in mind the words, tried to put them in a reasonable system of statements that are in force to tell people about how important the role of men in the process of childbirth, that in no way is it important for mother and baby, and many like it. I like how you can convincingly utter this truth, that after reading you have made the right decision. But comparing all intended to convey, I realized – there is not permissible to impose anything. Each pair must itself go for it or not. I just try to put on display a little of my own story about how your humble servant going to give birth to her first child. To begin with, that the pregnancy took place in my hard.

I got the absolute Bank: the first half of toxemia of pregnancy toxemia of the second half of pregnancy, the permanent threat and a pair of hospital inpatient treatments. All this time I was trying to survive in this new and difficult circumstances, my favorite was side by side. He is used to feed me almost with a spoon, my experience panic attacks, calm at moments of tide tearfulness, etc. One word, we hatched a baby together. My husband even gain weight constantly, so that his beloved little wife was not downcast.

(Although now mailing lists, that it had unintentionally turned out, but not for me.) One In short, I am very much accustomed to the fact that the beloved is constantly with me. The problem of joint labor first began to be discussed further in the first few weeks. Then I threw a little scene, in short, I'm not going to your person there watch, that's it. Could not understand what it felt like her husband certainly look at my meal (yes, the instigator of the partnership of labor became a spouse).


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