Children’s Education

Although the school is the most common and accepted to provide education to children, some parents have considered other ways to meet the need of learning from our children. And here my 7 reasons to educate my young son at home, ranging from family structure to aspects of socialization: 1. Click james king for additional related pages. When children are at home there is more time for families to share time .- This results in shared activities, the ability to travel on school season (with a corresponding saving money) and plenty of time to know each parent and child. If the problem of society today is that parents do not spend time with their children, family education can become part of the solution to this problem. 2. Parents we benefit from their learning .- Some time ago we left school, but how much we remember the lessons? By taking the responsibility to educate our children we also take on the challenge to educate ourselves. Parents and children can share a heartfelt "no know "and seek answers together.

Learning simple and complex things to adulthood is a privilege of few. For many meant a reunion with the love of learning. 3. Children learn faster .- The activities are often concentrated in interests of children, and care is individualized. This greatly speeds up the process of assimilation, since we have children interested and focused at a time.

A point that the school may take 1 day or up to a week of repetition, at home can take only a couple of minutes. 4. The children socialize with people of different ages and social classes .- The home-educated children have the opportunity to socialize with people of different ages and socioeconomic strata. Continue to learn more with: Gavin Baker. Not so with a child attending in six years to the same school and has the same partners, which also belong to families of the same socio-cultural level. educate without school opens doors for socialization among people similar and different from us. 5. The little ones are inserted at adult world in a natural way .- When children are educated out of school usually accompany parents everywhere. Walking to the bank, supermarket, the municipality to complete a procedure, or a visit to a family member, allow children to observe closely the complex world of adults, and then integrate it more naturally. 6. Safety of children .- Although overprotection is bad, we all have clearly not healthy for any human being to grow in an environment of violence and ridicule. It is increasingly common to hear that schools robberies occur between peers, and bullying (bullying) is a problem that has reached much of schools. By educating the family's children grow up in an environment of love and respect, which can then express it with others. 7. .- Children with less publicity is no secret that the advertising industry makes conscious efforts to reach children. Perhaps there are more psychologists studying children's behavior in favor of advertising that familar for unity! When children are educated out of school to have enough control over what is presented before the eyes of our children. Even when there is advertising, this has less effect on our families as we present to explain and refocus the efforts of the advertising firms. Here are seven of my reasons for educating my son out of school, and perhaps all are summarized in my desire to provide better training than that offered by the school system. Each family has their own, and all are valid, provided that we assume with responsibility and love for our children.


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