Classic Antiquity

The preconception generally is related with the ignorance, seen here as the absence of knowledge concerning determined subject. Invariably one meets folloied of the stubbornness, that is its faithful slave. We do not have leaving to take in them for these points of view and yes after one determined knowledge of a subject to take off our conclusions, thus preventing a daily pay concept. racism appears in the Culture Occidental person, on the certain conceptions on the Nature Human being that had based its descriminao, in view of its exploration. The discrimination of the men, in the Europe was acceptance until the o century XIX, as something natural. In relation to the slaves since the Classic Antiquity that if argued if these were enslaved by its very nature (racist thesis) or for social condition. In old Greece, philosophers as Plato and Aristotle (sc.IV and III B.C.), had looked for to base the slavery on particular aspects of the nature human being of the slaves.

Its racist argument that was however far from being acceptance. The slavery in general understood as an act of violence of strongest on weakkest. This age the conception that predominated between the Romans. Today which is the belief according to the capacities human beings is determined by the race or ethnic group, many times express in the form of an affirmation of superiority of a race or group on the others. It can be disclosed as discrimination, violence or verbal abuse.

The theories racist contemporaries appear in century XVIII. The scientists of the time had strengthenn themselves for identifying and classifying the different races. They are considered inferior (in special the black race) and only one is assumed as superior (the European white race). We perceive the existing preconception for the whites to the blacks since the time of the slavery, therefore it was refused between whites, but acceptable for the blacks.


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