Construction for Housing

In the classification of the wealthy continue to increase wealth other entrepreneurs with its capital divided into several companies. Since Ferrovial Chairman Rafael del Pino to the Koplowitz sisters, without losing sight of other people like Perez and Emilio Botin. All have one common denominator: the brick. The decline in investment in construction and bankruptcy of many developers, has been the effect of the outbreak the housing bubble. Companies like ACS, OHL and Sacyr capital have been reduced and even recorded their debts millions. With this decline are shareholders as its shares are undervalued and with them their fortunes. This is the case of Villar Mir and Manuel Manrique.

The solution to the decline in construction have found a lot of investment in energy companies, banks and services, although for some it was too late. Manuel Jove was one of the few who could see the disaster in time. The former president of Fadesa sold the building in 2004, when it reached its maximum value and is dedicated to the acquisition of shares in other sectors. Jove is credited with 5% of shares in BBVA and fashion companies, restoration and new technologies. With more than 3,000 million, has managed to keep the wind against intuitively. Other entrepreneurs in the list have to thank their ancestors good economic position.

Joseph is the case of Maria Ferrer, president of Catalana Occidente. With their insurers to the head, Joseph Mary has investments as glamorous as the ski resort Baqueira Beret. Other cases of large heirs are brothers March. Juan Carlos March and have the only family financial institution that currently exists in Spain. Can boast one of the few banks that have more than covered its NPL ratio at times. The Spanish money is distributed in the same sectors in recent decades. The construction, energy and banks remain the preferred destination for big investors, despite current losses. The alternative is as Rovi business owners dedicated to the pharmacy or the SOS group, dedicated to food. Both presidents also appear in the listing. Nor can we ignore the media moguls or the Duchess of Alba, known as the richest in the country.


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