Current Situation

Today, the lower limit is $ 5772 (according to publications). The difference is quite significant. So what happens in reality? To answer a question try to ignore the current market situation of the domestic housing. Details can be found by clicking Expert on growth strategy or emailing the administrator. The excess of the total loan debt in the developed countries have long led to the insolvency of (temporary or otherwise), a considerable number of borrowers. And it's not just the person took advantage of the long-term mortgage (although often you can hear it The term 'mortgage crisis'). On the 'tip credit' sitting and sitting, many enterprises, both trading and dealing with the production. Expert on growth strategy shines more light on the discussion.

Model, which is so good to live and develop on the loans, gave a serious failure in the whole world space. The last was a bright reflection of the insolvency of depreciation of a number of securities on stock exchanges in Japan. Global financial centers have sounded the alarm. A critical situation is immediately switched to stock sites in other countries. Oil dropped in price (more shares of oil companies) – the main indicator of the dollar, is bound to any real estate in Russia.

Now back to the domestic market. Against the background of the crisis of foreign Banks hurried to reclaim resources at the expense of good living which the Russian credit institutions. As a result, the last freeze the issuance of long-term loans. Buying activity has decreased. The volume of supply of apartments increased, but also because it was created by credit, which is required to repay. All this resembles a pyramid, where instead of private contributions in a critical situation is due to artificially inflated prices and unpaid debts.


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