Almost every man has his own villa, where he spends all his vacation. For many, giving is a garden and a vegetable garden, some of them here just resting. Get away from city bustle, do not forget about comfort, because even in the temporary housing should always be clean and tidy. Curtains in the country are no less important than in the city, but here one should refrain from buying expensive drapes from high quality materials – typically, in the country, they quickly and places to wash next to is not there. Became particularly popular in the curtains in a country style.

This word comes from the English and is a symbol of suburban comfort. Indeed, so eager, after long hours of work in the garden under the the scorching sun to drink in the cool of tea, while feeling comfortable. Curtains for questioning should be unpretentious, simply put, simple colors and traditional patterns and forms. It would seem unremarkable curtains, which would in looked very dim, out of town are a symbol of warmth and coziness. In the summer house everything has to be at home easy, nothing unusual here is not necessary. Curtains country style with floral patterns are – they look strictly and orderly, but in doing so with their bright coloring and simple delight the eye.

Most often in the summer house are many colors, so blind to the cells and stripes are very organically coexist with them. The design of the curtains used cute stencil that will remind them of folk art. Impression of lightness is created with pink, blue, green and other bright colors. Looking at those curtains, I remember the best of life, there is good mood. Most often, country style curtains are made of linen, cotton and other natural fabrics. To testify can be used and pelmet, pelmets country style is simple and concise, it completes the image of a harmonious window opening. A characteristic feature in the style of curtains country – to hang curtains on , loops, bows – all this will look cute and such minor details will give the desired room coziness


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