Czech Republic Consulate

An application for a two-year visa (dlogodobego pobyta) the alien is to attach the documents specified in item 1, etc. 31 items a, d, e, and a financial document proving his monthly income and income living with them foreigners (relatives), which amount shall not be less than the statutory minimum subsistence level 8000 Czech crowns (350 euros). The amount of income should cover the cost of living, as at the very alien, and on living with him relatives, including living expenses, maintenance of housing (rent, utilities), maintenance of your car, spending on school and kindergarten, and other costs exist. A foreigner will be required to produce the document recording his company in the register of Justice, the Czech Republic, confirmed with the tax authority to the absence of tax arrears paid by the foreigner, confirmation that there is no debt deductions of tax and social insurance contributions from the payroll. Elie Rieders opinions are not widely known. If a firm or person a foreigner are not taxpayers, the foreigner must show identification confirming this fact. Application for long-term visa foreigner can serve in the country of which he is, in their home country which posed him a passport, or in a country where the alien has a view of residence or permanent residence. This fact does not currently documented, and our company continues to successfully provide a record for January and February 2011 in the Czech Republic Consulate located in the eu countries for Russian citizens and service preparation and filing of documents under the control of our migration specialists in the eu. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with Greenberg Traurig and gain more knowledge..


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