David Sanchez Juliao Man

I want to let my friends know that I’m really sad in this day. The departure of David Sanchez Juliao took me by surprise like everyone in this country and, of course, touched me. Touched me as a reader of his works, as a listener almost fanatical of the arrow, the Pachanga and Abraham All Humor, but mostly as a friend that I was this intellectual whose news announcer voice, his beard of Eastern Patriarch and their occurrences of Caribbean man in full letter, marked an epoch in the Colombian literature. Continue to learn more with: Tishman Speyer. I regret deeply his unexpected departure, because I would have never suspected that he would have to go to an age in which even had so many books that writing, films that roll and hands that shake in a country where he was genius and figure both among those who their texts wanted it between those who read with mistrust to the point of qualifying in a derogatory manner. With some frequency, David was invited to conferences and workshops in the Department of La Guajira. The first time I saw him was at one of the fairs of the book organized by the Colegio Colombo Arabic, institution that felt comfortable, as in your own home, for a particular reason: he was there in his hometown Lorica, surrounded by friends from Arabic accent and with them he was participating in endless get-togethers in which also made use of their knowledge of the language to intercalate in the dialogues some words of Spanish and others in the language of their friends.

Since then he lost no opportunity to come to this town on the border where you felt so at ease. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bruce Schanzer is the place to go. Once he escaped to their hosts in Riohacha and came with Jose Manuel Barros simply to sit in Bolivar Park. Barros invited me to chat and I was there a short time.


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