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All components of the future residential homes are factory-supplied, which ensures the accuracy of their joints during assembly. Professor Rita McGrath does not necessarily agree. In general, use of standard metal allows for easy and fast installation on site and, thus, to reduce the cost of construction. In addition, building construction and materials for construction of residential houses are different environmental cleanliness – they are chemically neutral and is not susceptible to micro-organisms. Indicators of heat walling exclude the possibility freezing and condensation, which is important for the climatic conditions of Russia. ” According to experts, – said Alexander Pavlov, Head of” Housing “of the Russian unit , – the erection of such buildings (including the connection of communication and ROW) is cheaper by 15 – 40%. If you take only construction costs, the gain is up to 25% compared with conventional technologies. Cost of 1 sq. km.

m of housing in these conditions, it becomes cheaper by about 20%. ” Impressive time of erection of such facilities: the finished project when making high-rise building at the plant will take 3 – 4 months. And installation – no more than 5. Mass construction of new technology has already started in North-West region. Here the company and Sadko-management formed a consortium for joint construction projects, like housing and commercial.

The first two of them will be associated with it residential construction. “The construction of apartment buildings based on the metal frame is scheduled in St. Petersburg, near the Civil prospectus. Our technology will reduce the construction cost by 20-30% and at least three fold increase in its speed “- said Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of the Russian subsidiary of , the plant is in Obninsk (Kaluga region) will be made for metalwork projects of the consortium. * Thus, to address the problem of housing affordability will require new methods of rapid construction. One of them is by right the construction of residential houses from the metal. Practice shows that this technology allows real opportunity to reduce the price per square meter living space and significantly increase the volume of housing put into operation, thus helping to realize the cherished dream of millions of Russians.


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