Dubrovnik Croatia

Travel portal to Dubrovnik in Croatia with numerous information on the attractions of Croatia has enjoyed in recent of popularity with the tourists. More and more German tourists can be found there. That has its origin certainly is, that the vacation country Italy is becoming increasingly expensive, and the sea there is an always a worsening water quality. The Adriatic Sea on the Croatian side is clean and bright blue. Croatia convinces with its beautiful scenery, good food and the unbeatable price/performance ratio. One of the most famous cities of Croatia is certainly Dubrovnik. This is located directly on the Adriatic Sea in the South of the country.

Dubrovnik was known mainly as the town was recorded in the 1980s by UNESCO in the world heritage. Read more here: The Related Companies. Dubrovnik is located beautifully a prayed in the nature of Croatia. The surroundings invite you just for walking or cycling, such as the beautiful blue sea bathing. The beautiful old town of Dubrovnik invites for shopping and strolling. Many small restaurants with excellent Fish cuisine and excellent Mediterranean cuisine can be found in this small, ancient streets. The old town of Dubrovnik is car-free, was that means that traffic is completely excluded from this area, inter alia to prevent damaging the beautiful old buildings with car exhaust.

Of course, much sexy, that makes the stroll in the old town. The city of Dubrovnik is today referred to as the cultural center of the country of Croatia, what particularly hence, numerous artists, including poets and artists there were born or have lived there. Therefore, there are many museums and institutions which bear witness to these people in the city. An antique Franziskannerkloster is to visit, that today the town’s oldest pharmacy located in Dubrovnik. Also located in Dubrovnik, the famous Roland column. Held every year in February also the world-famous festival of Saint Blaise in the city of Dubrovnik.


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