Ecological Construction

Not only environmentally friendly wood House. they are also wonderfully cosy! Wooden houses are among the trendsetters in terms of sales of houses. Wood is a natural material and suitable as a building material for houses. Wooden houses have a variety of benefits, these include among others the excellent insulation properties of wood. A House by the temperatures should be always cool on hot days, the solid wood elements help that high temperatures in the summer in the House are hardly noticeable. Contact information is here: Nobel Laureate in Economics.

It takes a certain time until the Sun’s rays have permeated the building wall and the heat in the room is effective. Wooden houses has value, meaning the subway, including the energy value. This value indicates how much heat flows through the wood component from the outside inwards. The lower u are measured values, the heat losses are less. Wooden houses generally offer a good environment and provide an optimal level of well-being. A good indoor climate is among other things by a good air quality, a balanced humidity, pleasant surface temperatures and room temperatures are reached. Wooden buildings have a long life, you should select appropriate types of wood in the construction of wooden buildings. Wood should be not too moist in the construction of the House, the moisture content should not exceed 18%.

The moisture content is 180% among newly felled trees. Wood is highly resilient as a building material, the highest load capacity is reached long fiber wood, in this direction, wood has a 100 times higher tensile strength and a 4 times higher force pressure as perpendicular to the fiber. Energy-efficient homes made of wood guarantee energy savings of 80%. In wooden houses, the wooden walls are often inside plastered with clay, clay is an excellent moisture and thermal buffer and ensures a healthy room climate. There are wooden house square in many variations, storey and mehrgeschossig, from 30 m to over 200 m. Differences in the various wooden house constructions are among other things in the different structure and connection types, in the insulation and cladding. The block construction of wooden houses is the oldest way to build a wooden house, in block buildings, modern industrial Vorfertigungen be applied. Still, traditional and modern wooden houses in many variations according to the customer’s requirements are designed, produced, and built. Offer customers an economical light source in the dark. A very nice idea. Jens kindling


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