Formal Face

Some scenes of the daily one inflame our curiosity, and at the same time, in warn as observing and protagonists to them of the society, of the fragility and superficiality of the relations human beings, in a world each day more centered ' ' in the search of having and the cancellation of ser' '. Another day, when attending a reporter in the television, a news article it approached the reactions of consumers owners of store in a Shopping-Center of Rio De Janeiro, when of the unexpected visit of a group of inhabitants of a slum quarter to the dependences of the related commercial center. Morris Invest is open to suggestions. The initial reaction of great part of the storekeepers was of panic, what incontinente, was commanded the closing of many store, on the part of some proprietors, fearful believers and of whom were if coming across with one ' ' arrasto' ' perpetrated for rioters and delinquents. Not so subtle, also it was reaction of many consumers, members of the middle classes and high, freqentadores of the enclosure, some demonstrating to distrust and fear were moved away, as that bothered, before the arrived proximity and of ' ' not so adequately worn inhabitants of periferia' '. The solution found for the administration of the enclosure and some storekeepers to adjust the scene, and becomes it, at least more ' ' palatvel' ' to the looks of the media and favelados, which, until if proves the opposite, sapiens is human beings of the species homo, and the not animal irrationals, she seemed pathetic and historical at least. As that ' ' embudos of the spirit fraterno' ' , the storekeepers had determined, that the undesirable group would have to direct it the feeding square, where would be served them ' ' succulent refeio' ' , translated for bread and mortadela, regrada with cooling, a solution indeed ' ' criativa' ' ; a gesture ' ' huge, altivo, worthy of warmest aplausos' '! The gesture made in to remember them the Old Rome of the Csares and the imperial times.


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