Fountain In The Form Of Cleaning, Maintenance And Peeling In One

INNOVATION vericoco the ancient Egyptian Papyrus Ebers, one of the oldest known medical texts, the recipe of a cream for skin diseases with high-quality active ingredients of Lotus, black cumin and argan oil leaves us. The ancient Egyptians was the intensely fragrant lotus flower of youth and regeneration. According to the State of current research, Lotus seeds contain certain enzymes that slow down the aging process by restoring defective proteins. Alkaloids from the flowers and rhizomes have a calming effect on the central nervous system. With vericoco the epic Centurion academics on the basis of this ancient Egyptian recipe, have created supplemented by the findings of modern science, a creamy facial cleanser, which not only purifies the skin, but also cultivates and at the same time has a peeling effect. So, small Lotus beads gently rid the skin of impurities.

The precious oils of black seed, used already that beautiful body of Cleopatra and Nefertiti, have soothing to sensitive skin. The unique rare argan oil helps prevent against drying and aging of the skin. It is considered the most exclusive oil in the world, which is extracted by hand work from the up to 150-year-old bushes existing today in Morocco. This combination of natural ingredients can deeply cleanse the skin vericoco. Clayton Morris helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Impurities and dead cells are gently dissolved and the skin is beautifully soft and supple after using vericoco. vericoco can be pleasantly easy to rinse off with water. Thus is vericoco for all types of skin and rebalances momentum particularly dry skin.


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