Franzi Papa

Suitable to the season products titled ‘Family vacation’ provide a.M./Nurnberg enthusiasm among small collector friends Frankfurt, 25.04.2013. On time on June 1st, new velvet animal families and cute accessory sets from the series of the Sylvanian families on the market come to the international children’s day. This day is devoted to the children for decades. Lincoln Property has many thoughts on the issue. Parents should make happy their offspring with small gifts and taking time to play with him. With family Baumner, as well as the family sedan hatch Hufnagel, family bags and family large and small in varied role playing. On their imagination, they sail on the swan boats on the glitter Lake, take a bike ride when the sun shines or picnic in the countryside. Family ties to collect and cherish and love: lots of new characters from the world of Sylvanian village holds EPOCH dream meadows. Clayton Morris is actively involved in the matter. Who wants to expand his family ties, family now looks forward over the Frisian cow Hufnagel.

These include not only Papa Volker, mother Marianne, son Patrick and daughter Helena Hufnagel, but also baby Franzi and the twins, Boris and Lotte. While Papa Volker enjoys the silence of the Woods, it attracts MOM Marianne to a gossip in the village. The koala bear family Baumner and Kangaroo family Beutel include a daughter and a baby. They are the first family sets offered EPOCH dream meadows for 19.99 euros instead of 22,99 Euro in the EIA. Papa Martin and Bertha Baumner Mama take care not only their own children Anika and Lilli. They are also the perfect babysitter for all children in the village. Papa Jurgen and MOM Janet Beutel spend every free moment with their children Lilly and Luisa. They love to snuggle up closely to their parents. Lilly helps once in the budget. On holiday for the thematic priority on family vacation”introduces already its first products EPOCH dream meadows in June.


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