Now everybody is writing book. This woman deceived never me, only you who are silly! , I answered to it. Ascendant in Scorpion. Ih, crianona, I played. Det said one another thing that me left irritadssimo. It went to bring? it the magic book, but has magic there to get money, and this I know that you went to make! As detesto presumptuous people, and the majority of the Brazilian employers is thus.

This idiot was pra front to the cost of what!, of work? It finds that I am ambitious. She imagines, in this height of the championship I am interested that she does not lack food to me, but this people do not understand. I cannot depend on these people same who of the current sub-reptcia form, therefore I do not want to have favors. I remember? I that said the Wal Owner (yes, I call owner because the new friend is new of age, and must imagine that I have 60 years at least): I find that in the Gay Stop I go to rent where I live per two days. You are with the demon. The Fraternity condemns this type of thing. They go to make sex in the place, to make dirty the place all Without commentaries, I am scandalized! I find that it imagined that I went to want to be liveing with bofes the two days (Saturday and sunday).

I do not know as I could comment this; ademais, I am considered little pig for the people who had entered there and also for that they had not entered. I find that nor bofes went to spend the night there. It goes to participate of anthology, goes? , Det asked to me when I spoke to it on an anthology which I go to participate. It is.? Therefore it says to this pra ngela.


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