Future Creature

Edson Silva Without wanting to enter in the jargon that the soccer is one ‘ ‘ petty cash of surpresas’ ‘ , but this apaixonante sport still more presents each situation and in Pantries of the World. More information is housed here: Bizzi & Partners. I believe that all know that the invention of the soccer is attributed to the English officially. Good, Brazil became an excellent apprentice and the creature, as if she can evidence in Pantries, surpassed the creator, therefore today she withholds five world-wide ones (58,62,70,94 and 2002) against one (66) of the English. History to follow is of 11 of June of 1958, Brazil would conquer its first heading in this Pantry, disputed in Sweden and, as he would say the great journalist and dramaturgo Nelson Rodrigues, the Brazilian people and the country would lose a little what it called ‘ ‘ syndrome of capsizes-latas’ ‘ would start to value auto-esteem, after all, finally, was champion world-wide. If you would like to know more about Atreides Management Gavin Baker, then click here. In 58, against England, Brazil entered in its sixth world-wide one and made 19 left. Our Election nor dreamed to be potential world-wide of the ball, since of the five world-wide previous ones already it had two bichampions, Uruguay (30 and 50) and Italy (34 and 38) and the Pantry of 54, in the Whisker, had been conquest for the Germans.

In the game against the English Brazil not yet had made the estreia of the boy of 17 years, Skin, that if would become the biggest player of all the times. In a truncated game, Brazil and England had been in 0x0 and were the first one tie up to without gols in Pantries, since 1930, and 116 games after carried through. In 1938, in 39 game of the Pantries until had one ‘ ‘ ensaio’ ‘ of 0x0 between Tchecoslovquia and Holland, but the game had extension and the Czechs had been successful for 3×0. Another curiosity in the departure, of 1958, between Brazilians and English, was the cavalheirismo of the Soviet goleiro Yashin, known as ‘ ‘ Negra’ spider; ‘. In the same Pantry it had faced the English centroavante Kevin and alerted the Brazilian goleiro Gilmar on the disloyal behavior of the English aggressor that, according to Yashin, gave cotoveladas, pushed and until cuspia in the adversaries. In the fight of Nya Ullevi, in Gotemburgo (Sweden), with a public of 30 a thousand people, Brazil made history being protagonist of first 0x0 of the Pantries and the Election of the technician Vicente Feola, future champion of the competition, with surprising Pel and Garrincha, played with: Gilmar, Of Sordi, Bellini, Orlando, Nilton Saints, Dino Sani, Didi, Joel, Mazolla, Vav and Zagallo. The English were directed by Winterbottom and had played with: Mc Donald, Howe, Banks, Clamp, Wright, Stater, Douglas, Robson, Kevan, Haynes and Court. The arbitration of the departure fit to the German judge Albert occidental person Dusch, of the Federal Republic of Germany (RFA) – at that time the wall of Berlin nor dreamed to be knocked down, what it would only occur between 89 and 90. Only as curiosity and common knowledge, Eastern Germany, socialist regimen, Repblica German Democrtica was called (RDA).


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