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Also, intelligent network printing with Windows7 interoperability among the many efficient features, as well as the smart scan-to email and scan-to-file functionality. Who knows Toshiba that innovative software solutions optimally complement the performance of multi function systems. With e-BRIDGE re-Rite created the user quickly and easily edited – and searchable files directly during the scanning process. This saves time and allows a wide range of digital data processing. In addition, separator and e-BRIDGE job build Toshiba e-BRIDGE job offer the opportunity to optimize the printing of multiple document sets and from different sources. And the e-BRIDGE management system company costs, utilization and user behavior in the fleet.

The e-STUDIO182i/212i/242i adapt flexibly to the requirements of users and combine ease of use, Reliability and extreme efficiency in a compact system. They fit perfectly into the modern era. “Even if color is becoming increasingly important, we meet many customer requirements through the development of black and white systems, especially in smaller companies. Low total cost of ownership (TCO) of the e-STUDIO series are therefore an important decision criterion. At the same time, they offer all connectivity options, which is a future-proof investment in document management”, says Ingo Gutowski, Senior Manager of marketing at Toshiba.

Source: Toshiba TEC about Toshiba TEC Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is part of multinational Toshiba Corporation, which is active in different areas of the high-tech industry. Toshiba TEC is a leading provider of products in the field of information technology and office equipment, the range of multifunctional printing and copying systems (both black and white, and colored) about fax machines to digital document management products. Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging systems has the headquarters in Neuss, Germany, where all business activities in Europe are directed and coordinated. More information under: buroTEC main Valley GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Strasse 9 63477 main Valley Tel: 06181-940950 fax: 06181-9409510 eMail TOSHIBA TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH Vera scratches Carl-Schurz-Strasse 7 D-41460 Neuss LUPKOMMUNIKATION GmbH Angela students meadow str. 21a 40549 Dusseldorf


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