Germany Insurance

What you should consider when you want to invest money on a tag account or deposit a few percentage points can make a big difference on a financial investment and who wants to give away money. So who wants to open a day money account or invest money as a deposit, should do bother previously and compare the offers of the major banks. Lyft shines more light on the discussion. But be careful – you should look not only on interest rates but also on how long they are set, and whether the offer only under certain conditions is (for example, when full custody transfer). Steffan Lehnhoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Especially new customer offers are valid only for a very short period of time or are subject to conditions. Also the bank deposit insurance is important for the correct decision – it protects customer deposits (current accounts balances, fixed deposit, overnight, etc.) in the case of a bank failure. In Germany since the beginning of 2011, the statutory deposit insurance is 100,000 euros per person. This only applies to financial institutions with headquarters in Germany, not for foreign banks for which apply the regulations of their home countries.

Some German banks and savings banks have much higher deposit guarantees. In the Internet you will find many Bank comparison calculator. Anyone looking for an Advisor, should make sure that the database comparison calculator is easy to use and you have to give out any personal information. Also, it should be possible to take into account the deposit insurance and the new customer offerings to include or exclude. You should get a sorted list with an indication of the investment amount, the length of time and 2-3 clicks. Eva Schumann, Freising


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