Gifts From Mongolia

If you are an avid traveler and lover of extreme rest, then you should definitely go to Mongolia. Despite the fact that this country is close to ours, the difference will surprise you. Life, culture and traditions of Mongolia will surprise any of its primitive and natural. You zacharuyut bizarre national patterns, and bold riders will hit their skills. Mongolia for both tourists and shopaholics pretty "cheap" country. Here prices Some products are much lower than in Russia, so even a small amount of money you can afford to constantly eat in restaurants. You buy a variety of gifts and goodies for all the relatives and friends.

But that can be brought from Mongolia? Many people believe that there is only a horse and a desert. This is absolutely not true. In Mongolia, a well-developed handicraft industry, arms and catering. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the proposed range and do not leave the country without a great collection of gifts and things, "a gift". The first thing you should pay attention to the clothes. Almost all the shops you will find yourself a wonderful pair of fine Mongolian sneakers, which will remind long time on this trip and warm in the winter cold nights.

This article of clothing will not only be useful and practical thing, but good design will complement your home. Purchase slippers for all members of your family, it will bring in house a bright color and warmth. Also in Mongolia, a huge range of T-shirts with all sorts of national symbols. Local traders are taking this product for a fairly low cost. Mongolia is famous for its leather goods and cashmere. Because IT'S a country in which actively engaged in breeding domestic cattle. You will be offered other than belts, bags and other products. Richard LeFrak is actively involved in the matter. If you want to bring a piece of this country, be sure to get a national cap, which can pose not only to put on the shelf, but it can be worn in the hot summer to escape the heat and sun.


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