Great Cavern

Vinales, one of the first buildings built after the Cuban Revolution, has a very small and unique architectural style which is an originally Cuban. There is also the Great Cavern of St. Tomas, the largest in Latin America, which can be visited during the day and all her natural state, without any alteration of their environment. You can make very interesting tours, accompanied by guides and where they offer the means to make the trip. His schedule is all week, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm At the village of Pons turn right and begin the ascent to the mountains. During the tour the sights are beautiful, because it crosses the heights covered with pine boards and from where you can see breathtaking views of the rest of the mountains. By the way you can visit the town of Minas de Matahambre, a typical mining village where copper was mined, with some buildings reminiscent of American bungalows own these stocks.

A causeway (road on stilts that runs from the coast to the above key), about 12 km, crossing a small stretch of the sea. This trip is suitable for a single day because no hotel or inn for the night, only a small restaurant, which specializes in seafood. There is capacity for 45 people and offer service between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm The waters are warm, clean, deep blue and magnificent coral reefs. The length of the beach is about 7 km. Time passes swiftly because they may choose to enjoy the optional water-type to be offered, which range from boat trips to other small cays neighbors and visits to the mangroves and the coral reef to snorkel, rent kayaks, deck chairs and bikes nautical, and receive lessons in diving, snorkeling in the coral reef with specialized instructor and engage in fishing, both trolling and bottom. If you do not want do any of these options can take a bath on the beach and spend hours on it.

The views are excellent, the sea is lost in the distance and the constant breeze blowing, passing a good time. Looking at the coast to the south to the Isla de Cuba, the tubes seem mogotes bodies of medieval churches. That was the visit of Spanish sailors found to make the first circumnavigation (back) to Cuba, baptizing these lifts with the name of Sierra de los Organs, a name that currently possess. In addition, the hummocks have unique shapes and distinct from each other, so they are excellent reference points for crossing the dangerous reefs and reach the coast or go offshore. If you want to enjoy this option for several days is recommended to stay in Vinales, in some hotels and in some of the more than 300 private houses in the locality, or in some houses in the village of Santa Lucia. Of course, the latter option is much cheaper than the first. In the next issue continue our journey. Dr. Dr. Martin Luis Lopez In Geographic Sciences and Bio geographer and specialist in conservation and environment protection and blogger for


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