Gursuf Description Of Streets, Housing Characteristics. Part 2

Further, following the logic of our story, we will gradually move away from the sea, and proceed to the description of three similar streets Gurzuf. All of them originate from the streets of Leningrad and climb up, covering a lower part of low-rise private sector, which enjoys high demand in coming to rest in Gurzuf. For convenience, I present the new and old street names. St. Nikitin (Garden) is one of the shortest streets Gurzuf. Originates from west gate resort "Gurzufskiy, rises steeply to a small central area of the village, where there are pavilions clothing market, remote counters with the collapse of fresh fruits and vegetables. The motion of the car Transport on the street is limited.

Proximity of the lower food market on the street. Leningrad, long distance telephone booths, shops and a definite plus for people living here. Vanity bottom resort village, and pretty high prices – minus. Following the street Nikitina, go to the famous complex at Podvois'kogo, 9, or "nine", the house "under roof tiles." Here the most comfortable furnished apartments in Gurzuf advanced planning. Many apartments have a sea view. To the nearest beach – a maximum of 4-5 minutes leisurely walk.

The house is situated very well. Demand for apartments is large. St. Mickiewicz (Fontana) starts with a small area, well-known among locals and visitors Gurzuf as "Snout" leads through the center of residential area of the lower Gurzuf and for the above-described high-rise complex on Podvois'kogo, 9 intersects with the street. Communal. Housing is very diverse, ranging from small apartments and dachek old fund to luxury 3 – storey detached houses and villas that can satisfy the most discerning guests. Demand for rental, as well as everywhere in the lower part of Gurzuf high enough. St. Proletarian – one of the few streets Gurzuf having a through passage to the highway "Simferopol-Yalta". Starting from the camp "Artek-cypress", connects the lower and upper Gursuf multi-storey buildings. Movement – a unilateral, from the bottom up, not animated. The rise is quite steep. There are many options for summer cottages with modern renovated, have private courtyards with shaded green bowers, so in possession of a summer midday heat relax with a book in his hands, or simply to sleep outdoors. Start Str. Proletarian – the old private buildings. As the distance from the street. Leningrad appear modern cottages with excellent conditions accommodation, swimming pools. The street is represented mainly residential area. All necessary infrastructure is on the street. Leningrad and Podvois'kogo. The top of the street. The proletarian is not necessary to rent to people with heart diseases, and just wanting to limit physical activity.


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