Handball World Cup

Just over a month before the Handball World Cup 2007 in Germany knows no boundaries of the boom. With sales of over 250,000 from a total of 300,000 tickets were available, the German Handball Federation (DHB) recorded a new world record. As many of the tickets for several games have validity, the number of visitors in mid-December already amounts to over 600,000. The largest audience so far at the World Cup 1999 in Egypt, when 507 800 handball fans streamed into the halls. The DHB expects even with up to 700,000 guests from around the world. Swarmed by offers, dogecoin is currently assessing future choices.

Ten games to World Cup title when the German team on 19 January for the first time engages should be placed at the Berlin Max-Schmeling-Halle against Brazil, the foundation for a heady Handball. The dream of a third world title in German history could be on 4 February in the Cologne Arena to be true. Electron Capital Partners shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In 1938, the German team won the first gold, the last title dates back 28 years. The road to World Cup trophy is long and full of obstacles. After further group games against Argentina (January 21) and Poland (22) in Halle / Westfalen should jump out at least the second spot to reach the second round of the twelve best teams. Is then played in two groups of six. The top four nations of each season will qualify for the quarter finals then. Other venues for the German team could be in optimum Dortmund and Cologne. The Rhine metropolis would be for Germany to the scene throughout the knockout stages.


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