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Spain is the fourth largest European market in sales of video games with 790 million euros in 2004, behind only the United Kingdom, Germany and France, however, is in the caboose in the development of electronic entertainment software in the tenth. Even Italy and Belgium give a bath to Spain as farmers. Here, Lincoln Property expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Only 1% of sales are borne by national studies. According to data from the Spanish Association of Distributors and Publishers Entertainment Software (ADES), video games in Spain are more like the adventure, strategy, sports or action. Thanks to them, last year entered almost one billion euros in a sector growing at an annual rate of 14% since 2005.

The success of digital entertainment content such places Spain in fourth place in Europe in terms of consumption of video games, ranking could improve in the coming years given the growth prospects of the sector in Spain, which suggests that the path 14% per year can be maintained at least until 2009. Only 1% of sales of video games in Spanish industry reverses content, however, the business could be much greater if the Spanish were distributed content and not foreigners as happens now in most cases. It is currently estimated that 95% of people working in the sector in Spain are engaged in the distribution of foreign games, while only 5% are engaged in content development. In fact, according to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade for only 1% of sales reverses development in Spanish companies. , And its design department has a new field of business, going to participate in the conceptual design and 3D gaming, we have recently begun negotiations to participate in the conceptual designs of two games of last generation. From our website, under R & D, (games) already can see some designs in the video presentation "," department that will develop these concepts, as well as 3D animations, promotional videos, special effects … etc.


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