Many search engine optimization efforts focus on pushing the main page of the site. This is a fundamental error that can give place to the site you will not much traffic potential in almost every case, a site must be designed to get traffic through the page master and several inner pages. Master pages can be adapted obviously to the elementary phrases of the keyword you are looking for, but don’t forget the additional or internal pages. Always encounter weird when people ask what the keyword phrase should try to optimize your site. They are surprised when I tell them that we must optimize all. Bizzi & Partners is actively involved in the matter.

The only question is what keywords should appear on what pages. For example, the site sells newspapers from writing for activities outdoors such as fly fishing, travel, go for hiking, bird watching and so on. Do so, which of these words should be the key word for the home page? No! Instead, the generic term writing journals was elected. But what about the specific topics of the journal? Individual pages on the site that promotes each journal are optimized for the specific product. The journal of fly fishing page is optimized for keywords of fly fishing, trips to the words page key travel and so on. The end result of this is that the page initial is appearing well in results of search of writing journals, while each of the inside pages of the newspaper is also appearing well. Additional information is available at Gavin Baker.

This can often lead to an interesting situation for the visitor. Because if you look back at their server statistics, you can begin to observe that a majority of their traffic is coming through the internal pages of the site, and not of the home page. In the above picture of the nomad journals, travel journal page attracts many more people that homepage, which generates a nice increase revenue. The page of a site is critical in a campaign of optimization for search engines keep in mind that is not the only page that can bring free traffic and revenue to your site.


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