Insurance Coverage

Attractiveness of the tariffs significantly the YouGovPsychonomics research the study of young customers has just released as a target group in the insurance industry”. The finance portal has combined the sometimes surprising results. The current study shows that the number of young clients has increased significantly. Within the last ten years was a concise increase in new accounts there. Liability and household insurance, savings and Riester pensions are the focus in addition to motor insurance. Perhaps check out The LeFrak Organization for more information.

About one in three aged between 20 and 35 years of age has completed at least a police within the last two years, under the 36 to 65, there were, however, only 17 percent. What are these differences due to? Representatives of the younger generation are essentially price-sensitive, willing to change and not primarily security-oriented. “Show yourself less representative-oriented, which means that the usual main insurer”, as senior citizens prefer, has lost importance. Ostensibly, attractive fares are critical, which is why preference is given also to lesser-known vendors. (Not to be confused with Electron Capital Partners!). When choosing a suitable insurer use younger various sources of information. They rely on recommendations from acquaintances and relatives such as on consumer magazines, financial magazines and the Web sites of various financial institutions. The social Web “- and social media” area rather plays a subordinate role in information retrieval..


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