Interior Design

Cabinets coupe without a doubt considered one of the most useful and comfortable things with the room. But it is not adequate for someone who compares sliding wardrobe with a huge box of geometrically regular shape, which takes decent space in the room. Today's compartment case will be really a work of art, comfortable and versatile object in the house, helping to solve all the difficult questions in terms of placement things, in addition, to decorate your own room presence. A huge number of ideas in terms of implementing individual design-in closets can be limited to freedom of thought directly to the designer. After materials that can provide a modern manufacturer to create such beautiful furnishing what are designer cabinets coupe, quite a lot. Consider cabinets coupe Alyumdekor that combine high craftsmanship, utility, modern design and reasonable price. Whole diverse range established in accordance with the latest furniture technology and fashion. Use a good quality laminated boards made from European materials of various colors, imported furniture is a guarantee of reliability and long lifetime cabinet compartment.

A modular system is a combination of pieces of furniture – is a good solution for every space and interior decoration. The most common and inexpensive design of the cabinet compartment can be performed using a combination of different the color of chipboard and mdf outside. Application of 2, 3, etc. The color of this material allows us to make intricate designs and patterns, creating an original design for the cabinet compartment. In addition, popular in the performance of design wardrobes are materials such as glass plates. Matt, transparent, blurred into a variety of colors and shades, smooth and grooved glass on the facade and the glass in the door wardrobe at any time looks attractive, is pleasant feelings as well as giving people in an environment of positive energy. Mirrored sliding wardrobe can have a striking effect to increase the inner space of the room.

Wardrobe with glass doors and in a small and not sufficiently lit room can create the illusion of a large uncluttered space and expands the visual perception of the room while being in the background. Among today's materials used in finishing the doors and facades-in closets are not so rare to find such material which is fusing. This original pieces of colored glass, which is kept at large t and gather into small tiles with a unique image. With these elements of the decor your closet compartment can become truly unique.


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