Interior Designer

For example, you need a living room, bedroom, nursery and would impede the course of storage space and clothes. Stephen M. Ross is likely to agree. Or do you want to acquire an office and are willing to sacrifice for the sake of this part of the area of other rooms. Based on these requests and have "feet" designer prepare lay-out proposal. This is usually a few different options for layout of the apartment, its zoning. On the plan will identify the functions and size of rooms, passages and walls.

At this stage the designer offers a concept which will be seen in the design of the whole apartment. It can become a decoration in the same architectural style, or the subordination of the interior of some idea. The dominant can make anything you want: a large aquarium with sea fish, columns and moldings, or a fascinating play of light in the stained glass windows. It all depends on your preferences. Carefully study and think about each option proposed by the designer, tries it on himself. Highlight liked the ideas and solutions, criticize the other, combine. As a result of your co-designer of creativity will plan for future apartments.

Sketch proposal as an additional service based on final planning decision if necessary, performed a sketch. It may be in color or black and white pencil sketch or three-dimensional model. Sketch conveys the shape of rooms, receptions zoning space partitions, podiums, niches, and helped bring an idea conceived by a designer to the customer. You can go even further and prepare a sketch of the apartment with furniture, accessories and selected textiles.


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